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optimize brief cognitive batteries for brain tumor clinical trials. J Neurooncol 2010;96(2):271-6. 9. Weitzner MA, Meyers CA. Cognitive functioning and quality of life in malignant glioma patients: a review of the literature. Psychooncology, 1997; 6:169-77. 10. Correa DD, DeAngelis LM, Shi W, et al. Cognitive functions in survivors of primary central nervous system lymphoma. Neurology 2004;62:548-55. 11. Harder H, Holtel H, Bromberg JEC, et al. Cognitive status and quality of life after treatment for primary CNS lymphoma. Neurology 2004;62:544-7. 12. Heimans JJ, Taphoorn

-PET to diagnose intravascular lymphomatosis presenting as fever of unknown origin. Am J Haematology 2004; 76: 236-9. 52. ASADA N., ODAWARA J., KIMURA S., AOKI T., YAMAKURA M., TAKEUKI M., SEKI R., TANAKAN A., MATSUE K. Use of random skin biopsy for the diagnosis of intravascular large B-cell lymphoma. Mayo Clin Proc 2007; 93: 1525-7. 53. OOMURA M., SAKAKIBARA N., SUZUKI S., WAKITA A., MORI Y., KAMIMOTO K. Intravascular lymphomatosis mimicking primary central nervous system lymphoma: A case report and literature review. Case Reports in Neurology 2014; 6: 101-8. 54

patients with systemic lymphoma as well as of patients with primary central nervous system lymphoma 15 , the standardised uptake for cerebral lesions is much higher than in toxoplasma lesions 8 . Cerebral toxoplasmosis in HIV-negative patients has been most commonly described in patients after BMT due to underlying lymphoma or leukemia. There are only rare reports of toxoplasmosis in patients with hematologic malignancies, independent of BMT. 16 , 17 Despite clinical advancements and good safety profiles, chemotherapeutics, especially T and B cell depleting regimens