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Point Prevalence Survey of Nosocomial Infections in University Hospital in Martin

References 1. Vyhláška MZ SR č. 553 / 2007 Z.z. ktorou sa ustanovujú podrobnosti o požiadavkách na prevádzku zdravotníckych zariadení z hľadiska ochrany zdravia. 2. Ducel, G.,Fabry, J., Nicolle, L. Prevention of hospital-acquired infections. A practical guide. 2 vyd. WHO, 2002. 64 s. [online ]. [cit. 2011-09-10]. Dostupné na internete: 3. European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. Point prevalence survey of

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The Prevalence of Arterial Hypertension in Romanian Adult Population: Results from the Predatorr Study

R eferences 1. Ford ES . Trends in mortality from all causes and cardiovascular disease among hypertensive and nonhypertensive adults in the United States. Circulation 123(16): 1737-1744, 2011. 2. Menéndez E, Delgado E, Fernández-Vega F et al . Prevalence, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Control of Hypertension in Spain. Results of the Study. Rev Esp Cardiol (Engl Ed) 69(6): 572-578, 2016. 3. Chobanian AV, Bakris GL, Black HR et al . Seventh report of the Joint National Committee on Prevention, Detection, Evaluation, and Treatment of

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Effect of non-genetic factors on the prevalence of Stilesia globipunctata in the goat

influencing the infection prevalence it is important to focus on control, diagnosis and management procedures. However, little information is available regarding seasonal and spatial variation in prevalence or intensity of this parasite globally. The present study reports the effect of non-genetic factors such as sex, age, year and month on the prevalence of S. globipunctata using a large sample size (n=5208) collected in the goat from over a period of seven years. Materials and Methods The study area, Bareilly is located at 28°10′N, 78°23′E in Uttar Pradesh

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The prevalence of some gastrointestinal nematodes and cestodes in Iraqis

]. Helminthiasis is of considerable public health importance in Iraq and throughout less developed Asia [ 4 - 7 ]. However, the geographical distribution and regional burden remain to be determined and updated regularly. The aim of the present study was to assess the prevalence of some helminths among Iraqi people depending on the database of communicable diseases control centers of the Ministry of Health in Iraq. Materials and methods This retrospective survey consisted of a spatial and temporal analysis of reported cases of helminths using an available surveillance

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Prevalence of Hypodontia in the Permanent Dentition of Macedonian Population

References 1. Altug-Atac AT, Erdem D. Prevalence and distribution of dental anomalies in orthodontic patients. Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop . 2007; 131:510-514. 2. De Coster PJ, Marks LA, Martens LC, Huysseune A . Dental agenesis: Genetic and clinical perspectives. J Oral Pathol Med. 2009; 38:1-17. 3. Goya HA, Tanaka S, Maeda T, Akimoto Y. An orthopantomographic study of hypodontia in permanent teeth of Japanese pediatric patients. J Oral Sci. 4. Nunn JH, Carter NE, Gillgrass TJ, Hobson RS, Jepson NJ, Meechan JG, et al. The

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The Prevalence of Alcohol Consumption by Adolescents in Serbia and Its Correlation with Sociodemographic Factors – A National Survey

. Problematično ponašanje dece i adolescenata - pojam, učestalost, poreklo i prevencija. Norma 2011; 16(2): 175-83. 5. Dragišić-Labaš S, Milić M. Bolesti zavisnosti kao bolesti društva, porodice i pojedinca. Sociologija 2007; 49(1): 31-43. 6. Melotti R, Lewis G, Hickman M, Heron J, Araya R and Macleod J. Early life socio-economic position and later alcohol use: birth cohort study. Addiction 2013; 108(3): 516–525. 7. Rakić D, B. Rakić B, Milošević Z, Nedeljković I. The prevalence of substance use among adolescents and its correlation with social and demographic

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Prevalence of obesity among Thai schoolchildren: a survey in Khon Kaen, Northeast Thailand

. 1-190. 4. Hedley AA, Ogden CL, Johnson CL, Carroll MD, Curtin LR, Flegal KM. Prevalence of overweight and obesity among US children, adolescents, and adults, 1999-2002. JAMA. 2004; 291:2847-50. 5. Ogden CL, Yanovski SZ, Carroll MD, Flegal KM. The epidemiology of obesity. Gastroenterology. 2007; 132:2087-102. 6. Lob-Corzilius T. Overweight and obesity in childhooda special challenge for public health. Int J Hyg Environ Health. 2007; 210:585-9. 7. Ramos E, Barros H. Family and school determinants of

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Prevalence of Otitis Media in Okada Community, Edo State, Nigeria

media: implications of drug resistance and complications. J Microbiol Immunol Infect. 2001;34(3):190-4. PMID:11605810. Aich ML, Biswas AC, Ahmed M, Joarder MAH, Datta PG, Alauddin M. Prevalence of otitis media with effusion among school going children in Bangladesh. Bangladesh J Otorhinolaryngol. 2009;15(1):31-34. Minja BM, Machemba A. Prevalence of otitis media, hearing impairment and cerumen impaction among school children in rural and urban Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Int J Pediatr Otorhinolaryngol. 1996

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Prevalence and Characteristics of Tooth Agenesis in Permanent Dentition of Subjects from Tîrgu Mureș

References 1. Hobkirk JA, Brook AH. The management of patients with severe hypodontia. J Oral Rehab. 1980;7:289-98. 2. Nagy G, Fejérdy P. Orális diagnosztika. Medicina Könyvkiadó, Budapest, 2005;43-44, 73-85. 3. Altug-Atac AT, Erdem D. Prevalence and distribution of dental anomalies in orthodontic patients. Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop. 2007;131:510-4. 4. Fekonja A. Hypodontia in orthodontically treated children. Eur J Orthod. 2005;27:457-60. 5. Gomes RR, da Fonseca JAC, Paula

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Prevalence of Stress Urinary Incontinence in Elite Female Endurance Athletes

References Bø K, Sundgot-Borgen J. Prevalence of stress and urge urinary incontinence in elite athletes and controls. Med Sci Sports Exerc, 2001; 33: 1797-1802 Bø K. Pelvic Floor muscle training is effective in treatment of female stress urinary incontinence, but how does it work? Int Urogynecol J, 2004; 15: 76-84 Bø K, Sundgot-Borgen J. Are former female elite athletes more likely to experience urinary incontinence later in life than non-athletes? Scand J Med Sci Sports, 2010; 20: 100-104 Carls

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