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Powered Roof Support – Rock Strata Interactions on the Example of an Automated Coal Plough System

1 Introduction Upon closure of the Kazimierz Juliusz hard coal mine and abandonment of open-end mining in the Wieczorek hard coal mine, longwall mining now accounts for nearly 100% of coal mined underground in Poland. Longwall systems are proven and highly effective as long as the appropriate mining machines are selected to be operated under the local geological and mining conditions. The primary consideration is the selection of powered roof support system, and its interactions with the rock strata need constant monitoring. In the Polish hard coal mines

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Tests of an Innovative Controller Designed to Control the Powered Roof Support

). Analysis of rock mass dynamic impact influence on the operation of a powered roof support control system. E3S Web Conferences Volume 29, 2018, pp. E3S Web of Conferences eISSN: 2267-1242 Szurgacz, D. and Brodny, J. (2017). An innovative system to test components of mining machinery control hydraulics. 17th International multidisciplinary scientific geo conference SGEM 2017, Volume 17. Science and technologies in geology, Exploration and Mining Issue 13. pp. 47-54,

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Components of an innovative electro-control system for undeground mining – analysis

doboru i projektowania kompleksów strugowych. Wydaw. Śląsk, Katowice. Szurgacz, D. (2018). Analysis Characteristics determination of electrohydraulic control system operation to reduce the operation time of a powered roof support, E3S Web of Conferences 29, 00007 XVII th Conferences of PhD Students and Young Scientist Szurgacz, D. and Brodny, J. (2018). Dynamic resistance test for safety valve in electro hydraulic control system for powered roof supports, 18 th International multidisciplinary scientific geoconference

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Analysis of Powered Roof Support Operation Based on a Virtual Driver

References Arputharaj, M. E. M. (2015). Studies on Availability and Utilisation of Mining Equipment- an Overview. International Journal of Advanced Research in Engineering and Technology, 6(3), pp. 14-21. Atul, K., Dheeraj, K., Singh, U. P., Gupta, P. S. (2010). Development of an Automated System for Continuous Monitoring of Powered Roof Support in Longwall Panel. Journal of Coal Science and Engineering, 16(4), pp. 337-340. Bartelmus, W. (2006). Condition Monitoring of Open Cast Mining Machinery. Wroclaw

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Innovative Visualization System Designed to Monitor Parameters of Mining Systems Operation


Mining machines suitable for hard coal mining, due to the specifics of this industry must be characterized by very high technical parameters. In particular, it concerns their durability, reliability and availability. Currently used machines approved for operation in underground conditions meet such requirements. Nevertheless, during their operation it is reasonable to conduct supervision and control of work parameters. This applies to both machine manufacturers and users, which is especially important in the event of a failure. Mine employees should be able control of the entire operation process. This control can be effective thanks to a visualization system developed to monitor the working parameters of mining systems. The paper discusses the innovative system and presents the results of efficiency tests. They concerned the visualization of the operation of a powered roof support. The obtained results indicate that the assumed goal of the system has been achieved. The system is built on elements of industrial automation, which guarantees the reliability of the indicated values. Its graphic layout and selection of the presented parameters are also approved. It should also be emphasized that the system can work with currently operating systems and is easy to expand. According to the Authors, the system should find a wide application in practice.

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Prospects for development movement in the industry concept 4.0

: Szurgacz, D. and Brodny J. (2019). Analysis of the influence of dynamic load on the work parameters of a powered roof support’s hydraulic leg. Sustainability. MPDI. Sustainability, 11, 2570. doi:10.3390/su11092570 Timofiejczuk, A., Brodny, J., Loska, A. (2018). Exploitation policy in the aspect of Industry 4.0 concept - overview of selected research. XV International Conference Multidisciplinary Aspects of Production Engineering MAPE2018, 1(1), pp. 353-359. Tychoniuk, A., Wyczółkowski, R. and Stuchly, V. (2018

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The concept of hard coal mine in the perspective of Industry 4.0

. and Brodny, J. (2019). Analysis of the influence of dynamic load on the work parameters of a powered roof support’s hydraulic leg. Sustainability. MPDI. Sustainability, 11, pp. 2570. doi:10.3390/su11092570 Ślusarczyk, B. (2018). Industry 4.0: are we ready?. Polish Journal of Management Studies, 17. Wittbrodt, P. and Łapuńka, I. (2017). „Przemysł 4.0 – Wyzwanie dla Współczesnych Przedsiębiorstw Produkcyjnych”. Innowacje w Zarządzaniu i Inżynierii Produkcji, 2, pp.793-799. Zorychta, A. and Burtan, Z. (2008). Uwarunkowania i kierunki rozwoju

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Use of the Decision Table for Supporting Management Process in Mining Companies

637, Proceedings of the First International Conference on Intelligent Systems in Production Engineering and Maintenance, pp. 74-84. Stecuła, K., Tutak, M., Brodny, J. (2017). Application of Chosen Elements from Japanese Production and Maintenance Management Philosophies in Polish Coal Mines. 17th International Multidisciplinary Scientific Geoconference SGEM 2017, 17(13), pp. 93-100. Szurgacz, D., Brodny, J. (2017). Role and Relevance of an Electro Control System for the Operation of a Powered Roof Support. 17th International

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