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The Global Crisis and Poverty

References Ahmed. V.. and O'Donoghue. C. (2010). Global economic crisis and poverty in Pakistan, International Journal of Microsimulation, Vol. 3, no. 1, pp. 127-129. Block, S. A., Kiess, L., Webb, P., Kosen, S., Moench-Pfanner, R., Bloem, M. W., and Timmer, C. P., (2004), Macro shocks and micro outcomes child nutrition during Indonesia's crisis Economics & Human Biology, Vol. 2, no. 1, pp. 21-44. Bloem, M. W., Semba, R. D., and Kraemer, K., (2010), Castel Gandolfo Workshop: An introduction to the impact of

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New multidimensional approaches to poverty measurement in Bosnia and Herzegovina

References 1. Alkire, S., Foster, J. (2007). Counting and Multidimensional Poverty Measurement . Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative. Working Paper No. 7. Available at [03 November 2016]. 2. Alkire, S., Foster, J. (2011). Counting and Multidimensional Poverty Measurement. Journal of Public Economics , Vol. 95, No. 7-8, pp. 476-487. 3. Alkire, S., Santos, M. E. (2011). Acute Multidimensional Poverty: A New Index for Developing Countries . Oxford Poverty and Human Development

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Foreign Direct Investment And Poverty Reduction

References Akinmulegun S.O. (2012), Foreign direct investment and standard of living in Nigeria, ʻJournal of Applied Finance and Bankingʼ, no. 2(3). Alfaro L., Kalemli-Ozcan S. and Sayek S. (2009). FDI, Productivity and Financial Development. ʻThe World Economyʼ. doi: 10.1111/j.1467-9701.2008.01159.x. Ali M., Nishat M. and Anwar T. (2010), Do foreign inflows benefit Pakistan poor?, ʻThe Pakistan Development Reviewʼ, no. 48 (4). Bharadwaj A. (2014), Reviving the globalisation and poverty debate

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Approaches to poverty measurement in BRICS: a reflection on economic reality (the case of Brazil, China and Russia)

References Aleksandrov, E. L. and Aleksandrova, O. E. , 2015: Mery bor’by s bednost’ju: zarubezhnyj i otechestvennyj opyt (Measures to combat poverty: foreign and domestic experience - in Russian). In: Fundamental Researches , 9, 101–105. Brasil , 2014: DIEESE - Departamento Intersindical de Estatística e Estudos Socioeconômicos. Available at: , DoA: 22.10.2018 CEPAL , 2017: CEPALSTAT | Bases de Datos y Publicaciones Estadísticas. Perfiles Nacionales. Available at: http

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Poverty risk trend in Slovakia: Changes in time and space

a principy odměňování závislé práce v České republice (Background and principles of remuneration of dependent work in the Czech Republic). Masarykova univerzita, Brno. Lipton M., 1997. Defining and measuring poverty: Conceptual issues. Human Development Report, New York. Mareš P., 1994. Nezaměstnanost jako sociální problém (Unemployment as a social problem). Sociologické nakladatelství, Praha. Michálek A., 2004. Meranie chudoby v regiónoch (okresoch) SR (Poverty measurement in the region (district) SR). Sociológia 36(1): 7

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Thinking Poverty: Basic Codes

References Beed, C. and Cora Beed. (2015). “A Biblical Basis for Reducing Extreme Disparity in Property Ownership.” Evangelical Review of Theology . 39. 4: 324-342. Bird, F. B. (1982). “A Comparative Study of the Work of Charity in Christianity and Judaism.” The Journal of Religious Ethics. 10. 1: 144-169. Bonner, M. (2005). “Poverty and Economics in the Qur'an.” The Journal of Interdisciplinary History . 35. 3: 391-406. Brown, P. (2002). Poverty and Leadership in the Later Roman Empire . Hanover and London: University Press of New

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The Impact of Remittances on Poverty Alleviation in Selected Emerging Markets

References Acharya, C. P. and Leon-Gonzalez, R. (2012), The impact of remittance on poverty and inequality: A micro-simulation study for Nepal, ‘National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies Discussion Paper’, 11-26. Adams, R. H. (2004), Remittances and poverty in Gautemala, ‘World Bank Policy Research Working Paper’, No. 3418. Adams, R. H. and Page, J. (2005), Do international migration and remittances reduce poverty in developing countries?, ‘World Development’, 33(10), 1645-1669. Adams, R. H

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Cultural and Regional Characterictics of Poverty Segregations
Based on the Examples of Hungarian Peripheral Regions

References Anderson, M. W., 2008. Cities Inside Out: Race, Poverty and Exclusion at the Urban Fringe. UCLA Law Review, Thomson Reuters/West, 1-54. Anderson M. W. 2008 Cities Inside Out: Race, Poverty and Exclusion at the Urban Fringe UCLA Law Review, Thomson Reuters/West 1 54 Balogh, A., 2002. Centrum-periféria relációk és a marginalizáció. (Centre-periphery relations and marginalisation) In: Szónokiné Ancsin G. (ed.) Határok és az Európai Unió. (Borders and the EU) Szeged: SZTE TTKI Department of Economic and Social

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Gender Dimensions of Poverty among Rural Farm Households in Delta State, Nigeria

References AJANI O.I.Y. (2008): Gender Dimensions of Agriculture, Poverty, Nutrition and Food Security in Nigeria. International Food Policy Research Institute, NSSP Background Paper 5. FOSTER J., GREER J., THORBECKE E. (1984): A Class Decomposable Poverty Measure. Econometrica 52 (2): 529-547. FAO/WHO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations/World Heath Organization) (1992): Proceedings of the “International Conference of Nutrition,” December 9-12, Rome. FAO (1996): Rome

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Macroeconomic dynamics and the at-risk-of-poverty population in Slovakia

References Eurostat: Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion, 2010 Stiglitz, J., Sen, A., Fittoussi, J., P.: Report by the Commission on Measurement of the Economic Performance and Social Progress, Brussels-Paris, 2009 Kuznets, S.: National Income, 1929-1932". 73rd US Congress, 2d session, Senate document no. 124, 1934 Eurostat: Beyond GDP-Measuring Progress, True Wealth and the Well-being of Nations, International Conference, November 19-29, Brussels, 2007

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