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Morphometric parameters of the lateral ventricle choroid plexus epithelial cells (average area, perimeter, bounding rectangle area, average nuclear area, nuclear perimeter, nuclear circularity and average nucleocytoplasmic ratio) were studied in postnatal and juvenile (10th, 16th and 38th postnatal days) 15 male and 15 female rats. The results were statistically analyzed by factorial ANOVA.

Mean values of epithelial cells area, bounding rectangle area and perimeter were significantly higher in 16 days old, than in 10 and 38 days old rats. Opposite to this, the nucleocytoplasmic ratio was lower in the 16 days old, than in 10 and 38 days old rats. Average nuclear area and perimeter showed similar trends, while nuclear circularity increased from the 10th to the 38th day. Significant sex differences were in the epithelial cells area, bounding rectangle area and perimeter, being higher in males than in females in both 16 and 38 days groups. Nucleocytoplasmic ratio was higher in 10 days old male rats, but lower in 16 and 38 days old male rats.

Generally, choroid epithelial cells size increased on the 16th and then decreased on the 38th day, but still remained higher compared to the 10th day. Nuclear size after increasing on day 16, also decreased on day 38, but to values lower than on day 10. The general decrease of nucleocytoplasmic ratio which accompanied these changes indirectly suggests a functional decrease. In the investigated period the male rat choroid epithelial cells were larger, but their nucleocytoplasmic ratio, which suggests the functional status, was lower than in females, indicating sex differences in the growth dynamics of the rat choroid plexus.

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The granule cell domain of the cochlear nuclear complex contains interneurons, which are the targets for nonprimary auditory inputs from the superior olivary complex, inferior colliculus, auditory cortex, cuneate and trigeminal nuclei of the somatosensory system. The cellular targets of the non-primary projections are unknown due to a lack of information regarding postsynaptic profiles in the granule cell areas. In the present paper, we examined the synaptic relationships between a heterogeneous class of large synaptic terminals, called mossy fibers and their targets within subdivisions of the granule cell domain. During the late stage of postnatal development, we observed heterogenous groups of complex synaptic glomeruli. Using electron microscopy, we provide evidence for ultrastructural features of dendrites that receive input from the mossy fibers. The distinct synaptic relations between mossy fibers and dendrites of microneurons further imply fundamentally separate roles in processing of acoustic signals.