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Peculiarities of Embryonic and Post-Embryonic Development of Оesophagostomum dentatum (Nematoda, Strongylidae) Larvae Cultured in Vitro


Morphometric peculiarities of the development of Оesophagostomum dentatum Rudolphi, 1803 from egg to infective larva were studied under laboratory conditions at various temperatures. The determined optimum temperature for embryonic and post-embryonic development of О. dentatum larvae from domestic pig (Sus scrofa domesticus Linnaeus, 1758) is 22 °С. At this temperature, 81 % of larvae develop to the third stage (L3) on the 10th day. Temperatures of 24 °С and 20 °С are less favorable for the development of the nematode, at those temperatures only 67 and 63 % of larvae, respectively, reached infective stage by the 10th day of cultivation. Embryonic development of О. dentatum eggs is characterized by their lengthening (by 8.87-9.50 %, р < 0.01) and widening (by 6.77-9.35 %, р < 0.05-0.01), and post-embryonic larval development is associated with lengthening (by 4.59-17.33 %, р < 0.01-0.001).

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Circadian variation in metabolite and enzyme activities in the femoral and thoracic muscles of adult variegated grasshoppers, Zonocerus variegatus (Linnaeus, 1758) (Orthoptera: Pyrgomorphidae)

.A.S. 2007. Chemical analysis of tissues of Zonocerus variegatus (L) (Orthoptera: Pyrgomorphidae) during post-embryonic development in Abeokuta, South-western Nigeria. Nigerian Journal of Entomology 24 : 27–34. A demolu K.O., I dowu A.B., O latunde G.O. 2009. Morphometrics and enzymes activities in the femoral muscles of variegated grasshopper, Zonocerus variegatus (Orthoptera: Pyrgomorphidae) during post embryonic development. International Journal of Tropical Insect Science 29 (1): 53–56. A demolu K.O., I dowu A.B., O ke O.A 2013a. Life cycle and

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Ontogenetic Development of Olfactory Organs in Grass Shrimp, Pandalus Kessleri (Decapoda, Pandalidae)

-1350. Derby C. D., Sorensen P. W. Neural Processing, Perception, and Behavioral Responses to Natural Chemical Stimuli by Fish and Crustaceans // J. Chem. Ecol. — 2008. — 34 . — P. 898-914. Ghiradella H., Case J. F., Cronshaw J. Fine structure of the aesthetasc hairs of Pagurus hirsutiusculus Dana // Protoplasma. — 1968. — 66 , N 1-2. — P. 1-20. Kurata H. The post-embryonic development of the prawn, Pandalus kessleri // Bull. Hokkaido Reg. Fish. Res. Lab. — 1955. — N 12. — P. 1-15. McClintock

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Sexual differences in destructive capability and midgut enzyme activities in adult variegated grasshoppers Zonocerus variegatus (LINNAEUS, 1758) (Orthoptera: Pyrgomorphidae)

homogenates during post embryonic development. International Journal of Tropical Insect Science 31(1-2): 29-33. ADEMOLU K.O., IDOWU A.B., OKE O.A. 2011. Impact of Reproduction Activities on the Tissues of Zonocerus variegatus (Orthoptera: Pyrgomorphidae). Florida Entomologist 94(4): 993-997. ADEMOLU K.O., IDOWU A.B., OKE O.A. 2013. Life cycle and morphometric studies of variegated grasshopper Zonocerus variegatus (LINNAEUS, 1758). Munis Entomology and Zoology 8(1): 375-381. HORWITZ W. (ed.) 1980. Official methods of analysis

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Potential of an Insect Growth Regulator in the Management of the Rice Moth Corcyra Cephalonica Stainton, 1866 (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)

.. MAUGHAM? B 1990. Effects of a juvenile hormone mimetic, fenorycarb. on post embryonic development of the European com borer. Oztrinia nubila'.iz HBN Expenentia 46(7): 744-747. C-KASEMI A.. SEND: J.J.. GHADAMYARIM. 2010. Physiological and biological effect of Pvnproxifen on the Indian meal moth Piodia mrerpuncrella (HCBNER) (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae). Journal of Plant Protection and P.esearch 50(4): 416-422. HENRICKCA.. STAAL G.B.. SIDOALL J.3. 1973. Alkyl 3, 7,1 l-tnmethyl-2,4-dodecadi-enoates. a new class of potent insect growth

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Description and developmental biology of the predatory diplogastrid Acrostichus nudicapitatus (Steiner, 1914) Massey, 1962 (Nematoda: Rhabditida)

, Diplogasterida: Diplogasteridae), Zoosyst. Ross ., 11: 57-73 Gagarin VG 2002 A review of the genus Diplogasteritus Paramonov, 1952 with description of a new species from Central Russia (Nematoda, Diplogasterida: Diplogasteridae) Zoosyst. Ross 11 57 73 Hirschmann, H. (1962): The life cycle of Ditylenchus triformis with emphasis on post-embryonic development. Proc. Helminth. Soc. Wash ., 29: 30 - 43 Hirschmann H 1962 The life cycle of Ditylenchus triformis with emphasis on post-embryonic development Proc. Helminth. Soc. Wash 29 30 43 Hirschmann, H

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The physiological and genetic differences between flycatchers (Ficedula albicollis vs. Ficedula hypoleuca)

, 32: 222–225. B essarabov , B., 2009. Zashchitnye mekhanizmy ptitsy v postembrionalnom razvitii [Defensive mechanisms of birds in the post-embryonic development]. Ptitsevodstvo , 10: 46–47. B rown , W.R., H ubbard , S.J., T ickle , C., W ilson , S.A., 2003. The chicken as a model for large-scale analysis of vertebrate gene function. Nature Reviews Genetics , 4: 87–98. C accio , S., J abbari , K., M atassi , G., G uermonprez , F.,D esgres , J., B ernardi , G., 1997. Methylation patterns in the isochores of vertebrate genomes. Gene , 205: 119

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