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stawie rybnym w zlewni rzeki Giełczwi (Analysis of water quality in fish pond in eroded basin of the Giełczw River), Acta Agrophysica 5(3): 705–710 (in Polish, English summary). Perkin Elmer Sciex, 2005, Podręcznik użytkownika ELAN Version 3.3 (User manual ELAN Version 3.3) Perkin Elmer/MDS Sciex Instrument, 534 pp. Sapek B., Sapek A., 2011, Wapń i magnez w opadzie atmosferycznym (Calcium and magnesium in atmospheric deposition) IOŚ-PIB, Ochr. Środ. Zas. Nat. 50: 134–155 (in Polish). Sieburth J. McN., 1983, Microbiological and organic-chemical processes it the surface

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Republic. Journal of Environmental & Engineering Geophysics, 13(1): 13-26. MENDYK Ł., MARKIEWICZ M., 2015, Organic matter of soils derived from Oleszek millpond sediments. [in:] Markiewicz M., Mendyk Ł. (eds.), Meeting of the Polish Humic Substances Society, Chapter of IHSS, Toruń, 17-20 June 2015, Program - Abstracts, Toruń, 5. MENDYK Ł., ŚWITONIAK M., BEDNAREK R., FALKOWSKI A., 2015, Genesis and classification of the soils developed from the sediments of the former Oleszek mill pond basin (the Chełmińskie Lakeland, N Poland). Soil Science Annual, 60(1): 29-35. DOI

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Modelling heat transfer problems are often carried out by using experimental data not only pure analytical methods. These solutions are affected by several parameters, so the deduction of formulas, based on complicated interactions, cannot be solved without theoretical knowledge. our goal is on base of similarity theory building a model of heat transfer properties of an open pond that installed in climate of Hungary. in our work we have calculated heat transfer on the surface of an open pond by evaporation for the base of future studies.

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BIBLIOGRAPHY Cassagne L.-A. (1808), Essai sur les tortues, les huîtres, les écrevisses et l’ichtyocolle , Montpellier. Cheylan M. (1976), La consommation de la tortue cistude Emys orbicularis (L.) au post-claciaire dans la grotte de Fontbregoua (Salernes-Var.) , “Bulletin du Museum d’Histoire Naturelle de Marseille”, 36, pp. 41-46. Cheylan M. (1998), Evolution of the distribution of the European pond turtle in the French Mediterranean area since the post-glacial , “Mertensiella”, 10, pp. 47-65. Daszkiewicz P., Bauer A. (2010), Jean–Emmanuel Gilibert a Lost


A comparative study on the nursery culture of the spat of the tropical oyster, Crassostrea iredalei, in an earthen pond and a mangrove canal was conducted over two months. The results revealed no differences in the absolute growth rate determined by shell width between the two culture sites (P < 0.05). Sub-adult oysters cultured in the mangrove canal showed a higher absolute growth rate in shell length and a higher daily growth rate than the oysters cultured in the earthen pond (P < 0.05). The mean survival rate of sub-adult oysters cultured in the earthen pond (99.8 ± 0.2%) was significantly higher than for those cultured in the mangrove canal (66.7 ± 31.4%). Decreased density from the loss of sub-adult oyster nursery culture in the mangrove canal led to higher growth performance than in the earthen pond. However, no difference was found for the fraction of oysters larger or smaller than 5 cm for the two culture sites (P < 0.05). A significant difference was noted in the Condition Index (CI) between the two culture sites (P < 0.05). The high primary productivity in mangroves is a major supporter of higher CI in sub-adult oysters cultured in mangrove canals versus in earthen ponds. Water exchange in the earthen pond to maintain calcium and magnesium concentrations resulted in no differences in the shell compressibility of sub-adult oysters compared with those cultured in the mangrove canal.

structure of population of Dreissena bugensis Andr. in the cooler pond of Chernobyl NPP. - Zhytomyr : Volyn, 2004. - P. 158-160. - Russian : Протасов А. А. Некоторые особенности фенотипической структуры популяции Dreissena bugensis Andr. в водо­еме-охладителе Чернобыльской АЭС. Protasov A. A., Sylayeva A. A. Communities of Invertebrates of the Cooling Pond of the Chernobyl NPS. Report 3. Communities of Zoobenthos, Their Composition and Structure // Hydrobiol. J. - 2006. - 42, N 3. - P. 3-23. Schloesser D. W, Kovalak W. P. Longton G. D. et al. Impact of Zebra and