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). Wyniki eksperymentalnych badan rozkladu temperatury grzejnikow plaszczyznowych o lekkiej konstrukcji bez jastrychow. Rynek Instalacyjny , 11 (XXV), 45–50. Karpiesiuk, J., Chyzy, T. (2017). Wyniki wybranych badań wytrzymałości międzyfazowej lekkiego grzejnika płaszczyznowego z rozpraszaczami ciepła. Civil and Environmental Engineering/Budownictwo i Inżynieria Środowiska , 8 (3), 123–132. Kwiecien, A., Hojdys, L., Krajewski, P., Tekieli, M. (2017). Differences in strain distribution of stiff mineral and flexible polyurethane adhesives in DIC observation . COST


This article discusses the issue of composite timber-glass I-beams, which are an interesting alternative for load-bearing beams of ceilings and roofs. The reasoning behind the use of timber-glass I-beams is the combination of the best features of both materials - this enables the creation of particularly safe beams with regard to structural stability and post-breakage load capacity. Due to the significant differences between the bonding surfaces of timber and glass, a study on the adhesion of various adhesives to both surfaces is presented at the beginning of the paper. After examination, two adhesives were selected for offering the best performance when used with composite beams. The beams were investigated using a four-point bending test under quasi-static loading.

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