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Prosody of the viewpoint in political discourse

universytetu imeni V. Hnatyuka, s. 248-255. / Алексієвець О. Історія і сучасність політичної лінгвістики. In Україна–Європа–Світ: Міжнародний збірник наукових праць. Серія: Історія, міжнародні відносини, 9, Тернопіль: Видавництво ТНПУ імені В. Гнатюка, с. 248-255. Alexiyevets, O.M. (2011). The main features of the viewpoint in English political discourse. In Functional linguistics , 1(1), p. 15-18. / Aleksiyevets, O.M. Providni oznaky tochky zory v anhlomovnomu politychnomu dyskursi. In Funktsyonalnaya lingvistika , 1(1), s. 15-18 / Алексієвець О.М. Провідні ознаки

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Fiscal Stability in Political Discourse: The Romanian Case

Keynes. New York: Academic Press. Calmfors, L., & Wren-Lewis, S. (2011). What should fiscal councils do ? CESifo Working Paper, no. 3382. Chilton, P. (2004). Analysing political discourse: theory and practice . London: Routledge. Chilton, P., & Schäffner, C. (2002). Introduction. Themes and principles in the analysis of political discourse. In P. Chilton & C. Schäffner (Eds.), Politics as text and talk: analytic approaches to political discourse (pp. 1-41). Amsterdam: John Benjamins Publishing. Fairclough, N. (2003). Analysing discourse

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Hedging in Political Discourse: Evidence from the Speeches of King Abdullah II of Jordan

References Abdul Majeed, R. “Analysis of Grammatical Forms and Semantic Functions of Hedging in Political Discourse: American Presidential Debate.” Journal of College of Education for Women 21.3 (2010): 750-770. Print. Algi, Sedef. Hedges and Boosters in L1 and L2 Argumentative Paragraphs: Implications for Teaching L2 Academic Writing. MA Thesis. Ankara: Middle East Technical University, 2012. Print. Al-Rashady, Fahad. “Determining the Role of Hedging Devices in the Political Discourse of Two American

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Translation and Political Discourse

's ideology and the reproduction of superstructure. Working Papers in Language Pedagogy 3: 28-56. Bánhegyi, Mátyás. 2008. A Translation Studies oriented integrative approach to Canadian Political Discourse. Across Languages and Cultures 9(1): 11-107. Bassnett, Susan. & Lefevere, André (eds.) 1990. Translation, History and Culture. London: Pinter. Bednárová-Gibová, Klaudia. 2012. Non-Literary and Literary Text in Translation. Presov: Filozoficka fakulta Presovskej univerzity. Bell, Allan. 1991. The Language of News Media. Oxford: Blackwell. Bell, Allan

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Migration Discourse in Slovak Politics. Context and Content of Migration in Political Discourse: European Values versus Campaign Rhetoric

been this way for decades. These discourses are used largely by all political parties to get their voters because they know that people will react positively to them. The most powerful instrument that politicians have at their disposal is their ability to create rhetoric, which is part of the consensus among their targeted voters; succinctly speaking, the power of words is of the utmost importance in political discourse. Politicians want to be in a position of power and their way of achieving this is to reach prospective voters through media in various forms. This is

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The Framing of the EU Visa Liberalization with Ukraine

–M. Zundel. 2011. The role of analogy and metaphor in the framing and legitimization of strategic change. Organization Studies 32(12): 1701–1716. Dahl, T. 2015. Contested science in the media: Linguistic traces of news writers’ framing activity. Written Communication 32(1): 39–65. Đurović, T. 2010. Metaphors we vote by. The case of ‘marriage’ in contemporary Serbian political discourse. Journal of Language and Politics 9(2): 237–259. Đurović, T.–Silaški, N. 2012. How heavy do I journey on the way: Framing the issue of the EU visa liberalisation

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The Journey Metaphor in Mediatized Political Discourse
Cognitive and Critical Perspectives

coverages. In Fetzer, Anita & Lauerbach, Gerda Eva (eds.), Political discourse in the media, 139-162. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. Billig, Michael. 2008. The language of critical discourse analysis: the case of nominalization. Discourse & Society 19(6): 783-800. Bramley, Nicolette Ruth. 2001. Pronouns of politics: the use of pronouns in the construction of ‘self’ and ‘other’ in political interviews. PhD dissertation, Australian National University. < bitstream/1885/46225/5/01front.pdf> (August 10, 2014

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Conceptual metaphors in Ukrainian prime ministers’ discourse involving renewables

(ted) discourses and climate change: a focus on political subjectivity and (dis)engagement. WIREs Climate Change, no. 1, pp.172-179. CHERP, A. and JEWELL, J., 2011. The three perspectives on energy security: intellectual history, disciplinary roots and the potential for integration. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, vol. 3, no. 4, pp. 202-212. CHILTON, P., 2004. Analysing political discourse: Theory and practice. Routledge. CHUM, H. L. and OVEREND, R., 2001. Biomass and renewable fuels. Fuel Processing Technology

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Conceptual Metaphors in Political Discourse in Croatian, American and Italian Newspapers

References Borčić, N. (2010). Konceptualne metafore u političkim intervjuima. Medijske studije, 1( 1-2), 136-156. Borčić, N, Kanižaj, I, Kršul, S. (2016). Conceptual Metaphor in Political communication. Zbornik Sveučilišta u Dubrovniku . 73-94. Chilton, P. (2004). Analysing Political Discourse . London and New York: Routledge. Howe, N. (1988). Metaphor in Contemporary American Political discourse. Metaphor and Symbolic Activity , 3(2), 87-104. Kövecses, Z. (2005). Metaphor in culture: Universality and Variation . Cambrige and

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Metaphors of Hegemonic Masculinity – Women’s Understanding of Sport Metaphors in Political Discourse

-91. Herbeck, A. D. 2000. ‘Three Strikes and You’re Out: The Role of Sports Metaphors in Political Discourse’ in P. M. Rutkoff (ed.). Baseball and American Culture . Jefferson, NC: McFarland. Howe, N. 1988. ‘Metaphor in Contemporary American Political Discourse’ in Metaphorand Symbolic Activity , 3(2), pp.87-104. Kövecses, Z. 2002. Metaphor. A Practical Introduction. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Lakoff, G., M. Johnson. 1980. Metaphors We Live By . Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Leech, G. 1981

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