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The Mobility and/or Fixity of Urban and Planning Policies – The Role of Divergent Urban Planning Cultures

References ATKINSON, R. and ROSSIGNOLO, C. (2010), ‘Cities and the “Soft Side” of Europeanization: The Role of Urban Networks’, [in:] HAMEDINGER, A. and WOLFFHARDT, A. (eds.), The Europeanization of Cities. Policies, Urban Change and Urban Networks, Amsterdam: Techne Press, pp. 197-210. BEGG, I. (1999), ‘Cities and Competitiveness’, Urban Studies, 36 (5), pp. 795-810. BRENNER, N. (1998), ‘Between Fixity and Motion: Accumulation, Territorial Organization and the Historical Geography of Spatial Scales

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The Politics of Local Tax Policy-Making in Poland

References Dafflon B. and S. Rossi. 2004. “Tax Competition between Subnational Governments: Theoretical and Regional Policy Issues with Reference to Switzerland.” In E. Hein, A. Heise and A. Truger (eds). Finanzpolitik in der Kontroverse . Marburg: Metropolis, 227–250. Downs, A. 1957. An Economic Theory of Democracy. New York: Harpern and Row. Epstein, D. and S. O’Halloran. 1999. Delegating Powers: A Transaction Cost Politics Approach to Policy Making Under Separate Powers. Cambridge, New York, Melbourne and Madrid: Cambridge University

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Youth Unemployment, Ageing and Regional Welfare: The Regional Labour Market Policy Response to Ageing in Sweden

), pp. 457-465. BENGTSSON, T. and SCOTT, K. (2010), ‘The Ageing Population’, [in:] BENGTSSON, T. (ed.), Population Ageing - A Threat to the Welfare State? The Case of Sweden , Heidelberg: Springer. BJÖRKLUND, A., EDIN, P. A., HOLMLUND, B. AND WADENSJÖ, E. (1996), Arbetsmarknaden , Kristianstad: SNS. CANTILLON, B. (2010), ‘Disambiguating Lisbon. Growth, Employment and Social Inclusion in the Investment State’, Working Paper , 10, Herman Deleeck Centre for Social Policy

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The Impact of Parental Leave Policy on Child-Rearing and Employment Behavior: The Case of Germany

OECD Family Database 2012. Online at: The trade-off faced by women with small children Children younger than 6 years. and working careers — stay at home to take care of a child or return back to work — is widely discussed in both the academic literature and social policy debates. Mothers may base their decision on different factors: e.g., preferences, social norms, income, and time constraints. In general, family policies seek to relieve economic constraints and maintain the work–family balance. The concerns

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A Comparative Study of the Gap Between De-Jure and De-Facto Language Policies: The Case of Kyrgyzstan and Hungary

. Blackledge, A. (2008). Language Ecology and Language Ideology. (N. Hornberger, Ed.) Boston: Springer. doi: 10.1007/978-0-387-30424-3. Chotaeva, C. (2003). Language Policy and Language Situation in Kyrgyzstan. Tohoku: iddle Eastern And Central Asian Studies Group, Tohoku University, 2003. Dorottya, P. (2011). English in Hungarian advertising. World Englishes , 21–40. doi: 10.1111/j.1467-971X.2010.01685.x Gorter, D., & Cenoz, J. (2012). Regional minorities, education and language revitalization. In Handbook of Multilingualism (pp. 194–198). Routledge

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A Refugee Crisis Without Refugees: Policy and media discourse on refugees in the Czech Republic and its implications

REFERENCES Anne Schneider. (2013). Policy design and transfer. In Routledge Handbook of Public Policy (s. 217–228). Routledge. Braun, V., & Clarke, V. (2006). Using thematic analysis in psychology. Qualitative Research in Psychology , 3 (2), 77–101. Carrera, S. (2015, říjen 2). To adopt refugee quotas or not: Is that the question? Centre for European Policy Studies. Získáno z CVVM. (2013). Public Opinion on the Settling of

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Planning for resilience in the case of power shortage: The Swedish STYREL policy

resilience. Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management, 15(1), 50-59. Brundtland, G. H., & Hägerhäll, B. (1988). Our Common Future: Report of the World Commission on Environment and Development under the chairmanship of Gro Harlem Brundtland . Prisma. Carlsson, L. (2000). ‘Policy networks as collective action’. Policy studies journal, 28(3), 502-520. Cohen, F. (2010), “What makes critical infrastructures Critical?”, International Journal of Critical Infrastructure Protection, Vol. 3 No. 2, pp. 53–54. EM, 2006. Stormen Gudrun. Vad kan vi lära av

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Tourism policy and territorial imbalances in Spain

References Alcaide, J., 2003: Evolución económica de las regiones y provincias espanolas en el siglo XX (Economic evolution of the Spanish regions and provinces in the twentieth century - in Spanish), Bilbao: Fundación BBVA. Almeida, F., 2012: La política turística de Espana y Portugal (Tourism policy of Spain and Portugal - in Spanish). In: Cuadernos de Turis mo, No. 36, University of Murcia, pp. 9-34. Apostolopoulos, Y., Loukissas, P. and Leontidou, L ., 2001: Mediterranean Tourism. Facets of

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Policy Effects on the Quality of Public Health Care: Evaluating Portuguese Public Hospitals’ Quality through Customers’ Views


In this paper, public health care administration issues are reviewed and public hospital patients’ views on quality of health care are empirically tested. The purpose is to support the recommendation of new public policies that lead to better performance, if necessary. Hospital patients’ views on service quality were assessed through a questionnaire to estimate a global customer satisfaction measure. We argue that customer satisfaction should be measured through multiple indicators, as a latent variable. Thus, we considered the latent segment models (LSM) approach to assess customer service satisfaction. We found a twosegment latent structure: segment 1, the satisfied, with 48 percent of patients, mostly male and middle-aged patients; and segment 2, the unsatisfied, with 52 percent of patients, mostly female and youngest/oldest patients.

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Is There an Evidence Basis for Immigrant Integration Policies?
A Methodological Enquiry

References Bijl, R & Verweij, A (eds.) 2012, Measuring and monitoring immigrant integration in Europe. Integration policies and monitoring efforts in 17 European countries, The Netherlands Institute for Social Research (SCP), The Hague. Böcker, A & Strik, T 2011, ‘Language and knowledge tests for permanent residence rights: help or hindrance for integration?’, European Journal of Migration and Law , vol. 13, no. 2, pp. 157-184. Council of the European Union 2004, Press Release 14615/04 (presse 321) , European Union, Brussels. Davies, P

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