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“Talking” Containers. Visual Heterotopias in the Picture-Books Illustrated by Svein Nyhus

REFERENCES Bachelard, G. (1969). The Poetics of Space . Boston: Beacon Press. Beckett S. (2012). Crossover Picturebooks. A Genre for All Ages. New York and London: Routledge. Bjorvand, A-M. (2010). Do Sons Inherit the Sins of Their Fathers? An Analysis of the Picturebook Angry Man . In: T. Colomer, B. Kummerling-Meibauer, C. Silva-Diaz Cecilia (eds.) New Directions in Picturebook Research (p. 205–232). New York and London: Routledge. Dahle, G. (2013). Bilderböcker som lekplats. In: U. Rhedin, Oscar K., L. Eriksson (red.), En fanfar

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Heterotopic Discourse in Ivo Andrić’s The Damned Yard


The paper analyzes Ivo Andrić’s novel The Damned Yard, a work that has received continuous critical attention since its publication. Its interpretation presents a challenge even to the latest schools of literary theory. With a focus on the poetics of space, the argument applies Michel Foucault’s theory and discusses the roles heterotopias play in structuring the narrative. Heterotopias reveal the attributes of real and metaphoric spaces, while the dynamics of space influence the movements of narration in the novel. Reproducing diverse forms of deviance, heterotopia delineates the frame of the individual’s identity. The conclusion suggests that the text’s complex metaphysical web of meanings is produced by the deranged identity appearing in a closed space, and the correspondingly deranged narration.

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Drømmen om Å Bli en Annen.

References Andersen, Hans Christian. 1977. Skyggen. Samlede Eventyr og Historier. Bind I. K0benhavn: Gyldendal, s. 379-390. Bachelard, Gaston. 1994. The Poetics of Space. Oversatt av Maria Jolas. Boston: Beacon Press. Baudelaire, Charles. 2000. Künsten og det moderne liv. Oversatt av Arne Kjell Haugen. Oslo: Solum. Bauman, Zygmunt. 1996. From Pilgrim to Tourist - or a Short History of Identity. I: Hall, Stuart & Paul du Gay (red.) Questions of Cultural Identity. London: Sage Publications, s. 18

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James Joyce’S Dublin and Lars Saabye Christensen’s Oslo. Geocritical Readings

References Bachelard, Gaston.1994. The Poetics of Space, The Classic Look at How We Experience Intimate Spaces. Trans. Maria Jolas. Boston: Beacon Press. Budgen, Frank. 1989. James Joyce and the Making of Ulysses. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Campbell, Hugh. 2009. “The City and the Text” in Curating Architecture and the City. Sarah Chaplin and Alexandra Stara (Eds.). New York: Routledge, 2009. Foucault, Michel. 1986. “Of Other Spaces”. Diacritics , Spring:22-27. (“Des espaces

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A Revolution for the Stage – Mad Forest by Caryl Churchill

References Aston, Elaine and Elin Diamond (eds.) 2009. The Cambridge Companion to Caryl Churchill. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Bachelard, Gaston. 1994 (1958). The Poetics of Space. Trans. Maria Jolas. Boston: Beacon Press. Blau, Peter Michael. 1977. Inequality and Heterogeneity: A Primitive Theory of Social Structure. New York: Free Press. Churchill, Caryl. 1991. Mad Forest. A Play from Romania. New York: Theatre Communications Group. Churchill, Caryl. 1982. Top Girls

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Other Spaces of the Empire: A Colonial Hotel in J.G. Farrell’s Troubles

References Ashcroft , Bill, Gareth Griffiths, and Helen Tiffin, eds. Key Concepts in Post- Colonial Studies. London: Routledge, 1998. Print. Bachelard, Gaston. The Poetics of Space. 1958. Trans. Maria Jolas. Boston: Beacon Press, 1994. Print. Bhabha, Homi. The Location of Culture. London: Routledge, 1994. Print. Botting, Fred. Gothic. 1996. London: Routledge, 2005. Print. Christie, Agatha. At Bertram’s Hotel. 1965. London: Perfect Bound, 2003. Ebook. Farrell, James

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The Significance Of Space In Iris Murdoch’s The Unicorn As A Twentieth-Century Irish Gothic Novel

REFERENCES Alexander, Roy. 1989. Wildlife in the countryside. In Desmond Gillmor (ed.), The Irish countryside , 49–82. Dublin: Wolfhound Press. Antonaccio, Maria. 2012. A philosophy to live by: Engaging Iris Murdoch . Oxford: Oxford University Press. Bachelard, Gaston. 1994 [1958]. The poetics of space . Trans. Maria Jolas. Boston: Beacon Press. Backus, Guy. 1986. Iris Murdoch. The novelist as philosopher. The philosopher as novelist . Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang. Bradbury, Malcolm. 1973. Possibilities. Essays on the state of

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The Glass Room: Architecture as a Poetic Emotion

References Bacon, Francis. “Of Building.” _e Complete Essays of Francis Bacon including _e New Atlantis and Novum Organum. New York: Washington Square Press, 1963. Bachelard, Gaston. _e Poetics of Space. 1958. Boston: Beacon Press, 1994. Blaser, Wener. Mies van der Rohe. London: _ames and Hudson Ltd, 1972. Case, _omas. “Preface” _e Advancement of Learning and _e New Atlantis. London: Oxford University Press, 1913. Chalupsky, Petr. “_e Urban Pastoral: Hybridisations

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Practicing Home in the Foreign
The multiple homing practices of artisan journeymen on the tramp

References Al-Ali, N & Koser, K 2002, New approaches to migration? Transnational communities and the transformation of home , Routledge, London. Anderson, B 1991, Imagined communities , Verso, London. Andersen, DJ, Kramsch, OT & Sandberg, M 2015, ‘Inverting the telescope on borders that matter: conversations in Café Europa’, Journal of Contemporary European Studies , vol. 23, no. 4, pp. 459-476. Bachelard, G 1994, [1958], The poetics of space , Beacon Press, Boston MA. Bhabha, H 1994, The location of culture , Routledge, London

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Between Abjection and World-Making: Spatial Dynamics in the Lives of Indonesian Waria

jawab negara . Jakarta: Arus Pelangi in association with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung. Bachelard, Gaston. 1964 [1958]. The Poetics of Space , translated by Maria Jolas. New York, NY: Orion Press. Bailey, M. Marlon. 2014. Engendering Space: Ballroom Culture and the Spatial Practice of Possibility in Detroit. – Gender, Place and Culture 21 (4): 489–507. DOI: . Blackwood, Evelyn. 2010. Falling into the Lesbi World Desire and Difference in Indonesia . Honolulu: University of Hawai’i Press. DOI: https

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