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Short-Term High Intensity Plyometric Training Program Improves Strength, Power and Agility in Male Soccer Players

References Adams K, O’Shea JP, O’Shea KL, Climstein M. The repeated effects of six weeks of squat, plyometrics, and squat plyometric training on power production. J Appl Sports Sci Res , 1992; 6: 36-41 Arazi H, Asadi A. The effect of aquatic and land plyometric training on strength, sprint, and balance in young basketball players. J Hum Sport Exerc, 2011; 6: 101-111 Cavagna G. Storage and utilization of elastic energy in skeletal muscle. Exerc Sports Sci Rew, 1977; 5: 89-129 Chelly

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Effects of Short-Term Plyometric Training on Physical Performance in Male Handball Players

-season period, handball training emphasizes the development of physical fitness, whereas the in-season period is aimed at maintaining aerobic and anaerobic capacity and improvement of tactical and technical skills. As a result, one of the aims of pre-season training is to improve jumping ability, repeated sprint ability (RSA) and aerobic endurance. It is common practice to include plyometric exercises in a regular training programme to increase strength and explosiveness ( Chelly et al., 2014 ) or RSA ( Chtara et al., 2017 ). Plyometric exercises involve rapid stretching

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A Meta-Analysis on the Effect of Complex Training on Vertical Jump Performance

Introduction Designing strength training programs for power enhancement has been a constant challenge among practitioners. In the recent decade, complex training (CT) has been receiving a notable attention as one of the interventions for improving power ( Carter and Greenwood, 2014 ; Ebben, 2002 ; Lesinski et al., 2014 ). CT is a strength training scheme that integrates resistance training and high-velocity/plyometric training in a single session. One variation of CT is performed by completing all the sets of a resistance exercise followed by a series of

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Effect of Additional Load on Power Output during Drop Jump Training

:133-139. Gehri DJ, Ricard MD, Kleiner DM, Kirkendall DT. A comparison of plyometric training techniques for improving vertical jump ability and energy production. J Strength Cond Res. 1998; 12:85-89. Gollhofer A, Kyrolainen H. Neuromuscular control of the human leg extensor muscles in jump exercises under various stretch-load conditions. Int J Sports Med. 1991; 12:34-40. Hoffman JR, Ratamess NA, Cooper JJ, Kang J, Chilakos A, Faigenbaum AD. Comparison of loaded and unloaded jump squat training on strength/power performance in

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Effect of drop jump technique on the reactive strength index

Introduction Basketball is a sport dominated by “explosive” movements such as rapid cuts and stops, sudden accelerations, change of directions or jumps. Therefore, effective performance requires an adequate level of lower limb power ( Alemdaroğlu, 2012 ; Litkowycz et al., 2010 ) of which improvement is possible through the application of plyometric training based mainly on jumping exercises ( Bobbert, 1990 ; Litkowycz et al., 2010 ; Pietraszewski and Struzik, 2013 ; Young et al., 1999 ). The basic drill of plyometric training aimed at improving lower

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The Kinetic Specificity of Plyometric Training: Verbal Cues Revisited

References Baechle TR, Earle RW. Essentials of strength training and conditioning: National strength and conditioning association. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics; 2000 Bien DP. Rationale and implementation of anterior cruciate ligament injury prevention warm-up programs in female athletes. J Strength Cond Res, 2011; 25: 271-285 Cohen J. Statistical Power Analysis for the Behavioral Sciencies. Routledge; 1988 de Villarreal ESS, Kellis E, Kraemer WJ, Izquierdo M. Determining variables of plyometric training for

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Influence of Plyometrics on Jump Capabilities in Technical and Aesthetical Sports

References 1. BROWN A, T. WELLS T, M. SCHADE et al., 2007. Effects of plyometric training versus traditional weight training on strength, power, and aesthetic jumping ability in female collegiate dancers. J Dance Med Sci.11(2): 38-44. 2. COHEN, J. 1988. Statistical power analysis for the behavioral sciences (2nd edition). Hillsdale: Lawrence Earlbaum Associates. 3. DOVALIL, J. et al., 2002. Výkon a trénink ve sportu. Praha: Olympia. ISBN 80-7033-760-5. 4. FAIGENBAUM, A. D., J. E. McFARLAND, F. B

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Effects of Plyometric Training and Beta-Alanine Supplementation on Maximal-Intensity Exercise and Endurance in Female Soccer Players

players seems to be essential, especially in female players, for whom less research is available ( Datson et al., 2014 ). Plyometric training in female athletes may improve single and repeated explosive actions, although its interaction with other factors that may mediate adaptations to power, speed and endurance performances, such as dietary supplements ( Ramírez-Campillo et al., 2016 ), is unclear. A popular dietary supplement among athletes is beta-alanine, a non-proteinogenic amino acid produced endogenously in the liver and acquired mainly through the consumption

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Effects of Plyometric Training on Physical Fitness in Team Sport Athletes: A Systematic Review

Introduction A vertical jump, sprint performance and agility tests are commonly used within research and applied settings to investigate the effects of plyometric training on physical fitness of team sport athletes ( Chamari et al., 2004 ; Chaouachi et al., 2009 ; Khlifa et al., 2010 ; Ramirez-Campillo et al., 2014 , 2015ab ). However, effective contextual improvement with plyometric training requires knowledge about the intervention and the kind of athletes targeted ( Markovic et al., 2007 ). Moreover, the requirement to produce an accurate training

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Effects of Strength Training Combined with Specific Plyometric exercises on body composition, vertical jump height and lower limb strength development in elite male handball players: a case study

References Adams K, O'Shea J, O'Shea K, Cleimstein M. The effect of six weeks of squat, plyometric and squat plyometric training on power production. J Appl Sport Sci Res, 1992; 6: 36-41 Beni M. Determining the Effect of Concurrent Strength-endurance Training on Aerobic Power and Body Composition in Non-athletic Male Students. Ann Biol Res, 2012; 3: 395-401 Bobbert MF. Drop Jumping as a Training Method for Jumping Ability. Sports Med, 1990; 9(1): 7-22 Bosco C, Luhtanen P, Komi PV. A Simple Method for Measurement of Mechanical Power in Jumping. Eur

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