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Markov chain model of phytoplankton dynamics

References Adler, R. (1997). Superprocesses and plankton dynamics, Monte Carlo Simulation in Oceanography: Proceedings of the ‘Aha Huliko'a Hawaiian Winter Workshop, Manoa, HI , pp. 121-128. Aldous, D. (1999). Deterministic and stochastic models for coalescence (aggregation and coagulation): A review of the mean-field theory for probabilists, Bernoulli   5 (1): 3-48. Arino, O. and Rudnicki, R. (2004). Phytoplankton dynamics, Comptes Rendus Biologies   327 (11): 961

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Summer phytoplankton in selected lakes of the East Suwałki Lakeland in relation to the chemical water parameters

monitoring trophic states in lakes, Oceanol. Hydrobiol. Stud. 40: 112-115. Górniak A., 2000, Klimat województwa podlaskiego (Climate of the Podlaskie Voivodship), IMGW, Białystok, p. 119 (in Polish). Górniak A., 1996, Substancje humusowe i ich rola w funkcjonowaniu ekosystemów słodkowodnych (Humic substances and their role in the functioning of freshwater ecosystems), Dissertationes Universitatis Varsoviensis 448, Białystok, p. 151 (in Polish, English summary). Grabowska M., Konecka U., Górniak A., 2006, Summer phytoplankton

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Phytoplankton Composition and Abundance Assessment in the Nador Lagoon (Mediterranean Coast of Morocco)

phytoplanktonic communities in the Lagoon of Nador - Morocco. Rapport Commission Internationale pour l'Expoloration Scientifique de la Mer Mediterranee 36, 380. Faust, M. A., Larsen, J., Moestrup, Ø., 1999: Potentially toxic phytoplankton: Genus Prorocentrum (Dinophyceae). International Council for the Exploration of the Sea Identification Leaflets Plankton. LEAFLET No. 184, 1-22. Gilabert, J., 2001a: Seasonal plankton dynamics in a Mediterranean hypersaline coastal lagoon: The Mar Menor. Journal of Plankton Research 23, 207

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Phytoplankton in the ecological status assessment of European lakes – advantages and constraints

., LASZLO-NAGY Z., LUKACS B.A., TOTH L., VARBIRO G. 2013. Which factors affect phytoplankton biomass in shallow, eutrophic lakes? Hydrobiologia 714: 93-104. BRETTUM P. 1989. Algen als Indikatoren für die Gewässerqualität in norwegischen Binnenseen Norsk institutt for vannforskning (NIVA), Oslo, Norway. CALLIERI C., STOCKNER Ch. 2012. Freshwater autotrophic picoplankton; a review. J. Limnol. 61: 1–14. CARLSON R. C. 1977. A trophic state index for lakes. Limnology and Oceanography 22: 361-369. CARVALHO L., POIKANE S., LYCHE SOLHEIM A., PHILLIPS G

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Patterns of seasonal phytoplankton dynamics as the element of ecological successional changes proceeding in a lake (Lake Kortowskie, northern Poland)

References Anneville O., Ginot V., Druat J.C., Angeli N., 2002, Longterm study (1974-1998) of seasonal changes in the phytoplankton in Lake Geneva: a multi-table approach, J. Plank. Res. 24(10): 993-1008. Bleiker W., Schanz F., 1989, Influence of environmental factors on the phytoplankton spring blooms in Lake Zurich, Aquat. Sci. 51(1): 47-58. Brooks J., Ganf D., Green D., Whittington J., 1999, The influence of light and nutrients on buoyancy, filament aggregation and flotation of

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Phytoplankton biomass and species composition in relation to some physical and chemical characteristics of Lake Adale, Haramaya Woreda, Oromia Region, Ethiopia

., Leporcq B., Kimirei I., Sekadende B., Mwaitega R., Sinyenza D., 2005, Phytoplankton pigments and community composition in Lake Tanganyika, Freshwater Biol. 50: 668-684. Dessalegn Z., 2007, Temporal dynamic of phytoplankton biomass and species composition in relation to some physico-chemical characterstics of Lake Kuriftu, Ethiopia [Master’s Thesis], School of Graduate Studies, Addis Ababa University, Addis Ababa. p. 90. Fishpool L.D.C., Evans M.I. (eds), 2001, Important Bird Areas in Africa and Associated Islands: Priority Sites for

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Statistical mapping and 3-D surface plots in phytoplankton analysis of the Balkhash Lake (Kazakhstan)

the Akko Park wetlands in the Bahai Gardens (Haifa, Israel), Transylvanian review of Systematical and Ecological Research , 14, The Wetlands Diversity , 55-80. 5. Barinova S. and Krupa E., 2017a – Bioindication of Ecological State and Water Quality by Phytoplankton in the Shardara Reservoir, Kazakhstan, Environment and Ecology Research , 5, 73-92. 6. Barinova S. and Krupa E., 2017b – Critical environmental factors for photosynthetic organisms of the Shardara reservoir, Kazakhstan, Asian Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology and Environmental

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Spring phytoplankton and periphyton composition: case study from a thermally abnormal lakes in Western Poland

References Bogacka-K apusta E. & Kapusta A. 2013. Spatial and diurnal distribution of Cladocera in beds of invasive Vallisneria spiralis and open water in heated lake. Acta Zool. Bulg. 65(2): 225-231. Briand J. F., Leboulanger C., Humbert J. F., Bernard C. & Dufour P. 2004. Cylindrospermopsis raciborskii (Cyanobacteria) invasion at midlatitudes: selection, wide physiological tolerance, or global warming? J. Phycol. 40:231-238. Burchardt L. 1977. Changes in the phytoplankton composition of Lake Pątnowskie - a

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The influence of the monsoon climate on phytoplankton in the Shibpukur pool of Shiva temple in Burdwan, West Bengal, India

://herba> [December 2011]. Barinova S., 2011, Algal diversity dynamics, ecological as­sessment, and monitoring in the river ecosystems of the eastern Mediterranean, Nova Science Publishers, New York, p. 363. Biswas K., 1949, Notes on the periodicity and bionomics of algae, Records of the Botanical Survey of India 15: 18-22. Broecker W.S., 1974, Chemical Oceanography, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich Publication, New York, p. 214. Cetin A.K., 2000, Phytoplankton of Golbasi Lake (Adiy- aman, Turkey) and their seasonal

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A Landsat 8 OLI Satellite Data-Based Assessment of Spatio-Temporal Variations of Lake Sevan Phytoplankton Biomass

) as a basis for monitoring and assessment, Hydrobiologia, 661(1), 97-111. Hedley, J.D., Harborne, A.R. and Mumby, P.J. (2005). Simple and robust removal of sun glint for mapping shallow-water benthos. International Journal of Remote Sensing, 26(10), 2107-2112. Joint, I. and Groom, S.B. (2000). Estimation of phytoplankton production from space: current status and future potential of satellite remote sensing. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, 250(1-2), 233-255. Lim, J. and Choi, M. (2015). Assessment of

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