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. (Eds.): Geology of the Balaton Highland — Explanation of the Geological Map of the Balaton Highland, 1:50,000. Geol. Inst. Hung. , Budapest, 197. Clarke H., Troll V. R. & Carracedo J. C. 2009: Phreatomagmatic to Strombolian eruptive activity of basaltic cinder cones: Montaña Los Erales, Tenerife, Canary Islands. J. Volcanol. Geotherm. Res. 180, 225-245. Corazzato C. & Tibaldi A. 2006: Fracture control on type, morphology and distribution of parasitic volcanic cones: an example from Mt. Etna, Italy. J. Volcanol. Geotherm. Res. 158, 177-194. Crowe B. M. & Fisher R

geomorphology ( Boivin et al. 1982 , Traglia et al. 2009 , Kshirsagar et al. 2016 ). Therefore, these phreatomagmatic and mixed eruptive centres play a crucial role as good sensors of the environmental variation ( Wood 1980 , Siebe 1986 , Németh et al. 2001 ), mostly when superficial and ground water-table level changed ( Lorenz 1984 , Büchel 1993 , Büchel et al. 2000 ). In this work, we will concentrate on the volcanic geomorphological typology of the eruptive landforms through a well-illustrated volcanic features inventory, presented with simple and concise

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Institute of Dionýz Štúr , Bratislava, 1–200 (In Slovak). White J.D.L. 1996: Impure coolants and interaction dynamics of phreatomagmatic eruptions. J. Volcanol. Geotherm. Res. 74, 155–170.

Basin and its relation to tectonics. Contrib. Geophys. Geodesy 45, 3, 193-218. Marko F. 2012: Cenozoic stress field and faulting at the northern margin of the Danube Basin (Western Carpathians, Slovakia). Mineralia Slovaca 44, 213-230. Marko F., Plašienka D. & Fodor L. 1995: Meso-Cenozoic tectonic stress fields within the Alpine-Carpathian transition zone: a review. Geol. Carpath. 46, 1, 19-27. Martin U., Németh K., Auer A. & Breitkreuz C. 2003: Mio-Pliocene phreatomagmatic volcanism in a fluvio-lacustrine basin in western Hungary. Geolines 15, 84-90. Mattick R

). These developments form the present day, highly urbanized area, which continues to expand. The cityscape is formed by major elements of the geology of the Massif Central including the Limagne Plain, Limagne Fault and the adjacent features of the volcanic Chaîne des Puys . They are expressed in the relief and can be directly seen in outcrops. The city centre Clermont has been located since Roman times at the edge of the Maar de Jaude (also called the Maar de Clermont-Chamalières ), a late Pleistocene phreatomagmatic crater, completely filled by sediments and