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structure with enhanced ultraviolet emission and faster ultraviolet response. (2009). Chemical Physics Letters, 480, 253-257. 12. Lee, J.S., Saif Islam, M., & Kim, S. (2007). Photoresponses of ZnO nanobridge devices fabricated using a single-step thermal evaporation method. Sens. Actuators B: Chem., 126(1), 73-77.

, crystallinity and chemical composition of the as grown antimony film [ 10 ]. The grown film was further tested for radiation detection. The photoresponse of the film was evaluated using its current-voltage characteristics. Fig. 2 (a) Schematic of the physical vapor deposition reactor, (b) temperature gradient measured inside the furnace tube. 3 Results and discussion 3.1 Temperature gradient Before starting the growth process, it was necessary to measure the temperature gradient in the furnace tube. The furnace temperature was raised to 900 °C and temperature gradient was

-13032. Gunes. S., Neugebauer H., Sariciftci N. S., Roither J., Kovalenko M., Pillwein G., Heis W. Hybrid Sollar Cells Using HgTe Nanocrystals and Nanoporous TiO 2 Electrodes. Journal Material Chemistry 16 (2006) 1095-1099. Bonhote P., Grätzel M., Heinen S., Walder L.: Electrochromic devices based on surface-modified nanocrystalline TiO 2 thin-film electrode. Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells 56 (1999) 281-297. Akikusa J., Kha S. U. M.: Photoresponse and IC impedance characterization of n-TiO 2 films during hydrogen and oxygen evolution reactions in an

, W., Liu, Y., Geng, Z., Zeng, J., Pan, N., Yan, L., Wang, X. & Hou, J.G. (2010). Dramatically enhanced photoresponse of reduced graphene oxide with linker-free anchored CdSe nanoparticles. ACS Nano 4, 3033–3038. DOI: 10.1021/nn100134j. 42. Allen, M.J., Tung, V.C. & Kaner, R.B. (2009). Honeycomb carbon: a review of graphene. Chem. Rev. 110, 132–145. DOI: 10.1021/cr900070d. 43. Marcano, D.C., Kosynkin, D.V., Berlin, J.M., Sinitskii, A., Sun, Z., Slesarev, A., Alemany, L.B., Lu, W. & Tour, J.M. (2010). Improved synthesis of graphene oxide. ACS Nano 4, 4806