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Assessment of Personality Problems among Patients with Substance Use Disorders

., Bateman, A. W., . . . Busschbach, J. J. V. (2007). Measuring the core components of maladaptive personality: Severity Indices of Personality Problems (SIPP-118) (No. Report 005). Medical Psychology and Psychotherapy: Reports. Retrieved from Arnevik, E., Wilberg, T., Monsen, J. T., Andrea, H., & Karterud, S. (2009). A cross-national validity study of the Severity Indices of Personality Problems (SIPP-118). Personality and Mental Health, 3 (1), 41–55. doi:10.1002/Pmh.60 Bastiaansen, L., De Fruyt, F., Rossi, G., Schotte, C

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Situational Methodology as Multifaceted Pedagogical Tool of Influence on the Formation of Socio-Ethical Values of Future Managers-Economists in Higher Schools of Ukraine and Germany

References 1. Абдульханова-Славская, К. (1980). Деятельность и психология личности [Activity and Personality Psychology]. Москва: Наука (in Russian). 2. Андреев, В. (1996). Педагогика творческого саморазвития [Pedagogy of Creative Self-development]. Казань: Центр инновационных технологий (in Russian). 3. Андрієвська, В. (1999). Професія і особистість: проблеми рольової ідентифікації [Profession and Personality: Problems of Role-identification]. In: Федоришин, Б. Теоретичні проблеми психології професій

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The phenomenon of "global education space" as an object of scientific-pedagogical research

-лрахтичноі конференціі [Proceedings of the 4 Intemanonal Conference on Professional formation of a Personality Problem; and Perspectives]. (24. - 26.10.2011) Хмслышцысий: ХНУ, с 3-7. (in Ukrainian). 5. Лахсггнюк, Л. A. (2007). Фомированис мирового образовательного пространства в условиях глобализации [The World Education Spacc Formation in the Conditions of Globalization]. Веапних Г/ //У. Серия: Педагогика [Bulletin of Tomsk State Pedagogical Universty. Scries: Pedagogics], Выпуск 7 (70), с. 7-10. (m Russian). 6.Лещенко, M. (2008). Сучасна міжнародна

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