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Assessment of Personality Problems among Patients with Substance Use Disorders

:// Livesley, W. J., & Jang, K. L. (2000). Toward an empirically based classification of personality disorder. Journal of Personality Disorders, 14 (2), 137–151. doi:10.1521/pedi.2000.14.2.137 Livesley, W. J., & Jang, K. L. (2005). Differentiating normal, abnormal, and disordered personality. European Journal of Personality, 19 (4). doi:10.1002/per.559 Marlowe, D. B., Husband, S. D., Bonieskie, L. M., Kirby, K. C., & Platt, J. J. (1997). Structured interview versus self-report test vantages for the assessment of personality pathology in cocaine dependence

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Comorbid drug use disorders and eating disorders - a review of prevalence studies

Sysko, R. & Hildebrandt, T. (2009): Cognitive-behavioural therapy for individuals with bulimia nervosa and a co-occurring substance use disorder. European Eating Disorders Review 17 (2): 89-100 Thompson-Brenner, H. K. & Eddy, T. & Franko, D. L. & Dorer, D. & Vashchenko, M. & Herzog, D. B. (2008): Personality pathology and substance abuse in eating disorders: A longitudinal study. International Journal of Eating Disorders 41: 203-208 Walfish, S. & Stenmark, D. E. & Sarco, D. & Shealy, J. S. & Krone, A. M. (1992

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Internal relationship patterns in borderline and neurotic personality organization: An analysis of self-narratives

). Handbook of dynamic psychotherapy for higher level personality pathology. London: American Psychiatric Publishing, Inc. Cierpiałkowska, L. (2001). Adaptacja Kwestionariusza Osobowości Borderline F. Leichsenringa. Materiał nieopublikowany. [Polish adaptation of the Leichsenring Borderline Personality Inventory]. Cierpka, M., Strack, M., Benninghoven, D., Staats, H., Dahlbender, R. & Pokorny, D. (1998). Stereotypical relationship patterns and psychopathology. Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics, 67, 241-248. Crits-Christoph, P

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Self-image and selected clinical variables in the context of childhood abuse in subjects with alcohol dependence

References 1. Jarosz E. Dom, który krzywdzi. Katowice; „ Śląsk” Wydawnictwo Naukowe :2001. 2. Scher CD, Forde DR, Mc Quaid JR, Stein MB. Prevalence and demographic correlates of childhood maltreatment in an adult community sample. Child Abuse Negl.2004; 28(2):167-80. 3. Bernstein DP, Stein JA, Handelsman L. Predicting personality pathology among adult patients with substance use disorders: Effects of childhood maltreatment. Addict Behav. 1998;23(6):855-68. 4. Huang MC, Schwandt ML, Ramchandani VA, George DT, Heilig M. Impact of multiple

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Use of doping agents and symptoms of eating disorders among male and female patients in drug addiction treatment

symptoms. International Journal of Eating Disorders, 42 (5), 471-474. Taylor, G. J., Bagby R. M. & Parker, J. D. A. (1997). Disorders of affect regulation: Alexithymia in medical and psychiatric illness . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Thiel, A., & Paul, T. (2006). Test-retest reliability of the Eating Disorder Inventory-2. Journal of Psychosomatic Research, 61 (4), 567-569. Thompson-Brenner, H. K., Eddy, T., Franko, D. L., Dorer, D., Vashchenko, M., & Herzog, D. B. (2008). Personality pathology and substance

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Towards integrating phenomenology and neurocognition: Possible neurocognitive correlates of basic self-disturbance in schizophrenia

;30:587-599. 27 Nelson B, Raballo A: Basic self-disturbance in the schizophrenia spectrum: Taking stock and moving forward. Psychopathology 2015;48:301-309. 28 Lysaker PH, Lysaker JT: Schizophrenia and alterations in self-experience: A comparison of 6 perspectives. Schizophrenia bulletin 2010;36:331-340. 29 Nelson B, Thompson A, Chanen AM, Amminger GP, Yung AR: Is basic self-disturbance in ultra high risk for psychosis (‘prodromal’) patients associated with borderline personality pathology? Early Intervention in Psychiatry 2013;In press 30 Kean C: Silencing

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