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Is there a housing wealth effect in European countries?

Housing Wealth, Federal Reserve Board of Governors, Preliminary draft, January 2005. 7. Choi, I. (2001). Unit root tests for panel data. Journal of International Money and Finance, Vol. 20, No. 2, pp. 249-272. 8. Ciarlone, A. (2011). Housing wealth effect in emerging economies. Emerging Markets Review, Vol. 12, No. 4, pp. 399-417. 9. Čeh Časni, A. (2014). Housing Wealth Effect on Personal Consumption: Empirical Evidence from European Post-Transition Economies. Czech Journal of Economics and Finance, Vol. 64, No. 5, pp. 392

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The Panel VAR Approach to Modelling the Housing Wealth Effect: Evidence from selected European post-transition economies

-32. Čeh Časni, A. (2014). Housing wealth effect on personal consumption: Empirical evidence from European post-transition economies. Czech Journal of Economics and Finance, 64(5), 392-406. Čeh Časni, A., & Vizek, M. (2014). Interactions between real estate and equity markets: An investigation of linkages in developed and emerging countries. Czech Journal of Economics and Finance, 64(2), 100-119. Ciarlone, A. (2011). Housing wealth effect in emerging economies. Emerging Markets Review

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The Rich North-west, The Poor Middle-east – Consumption In EU Households

References Albu, L. L. (2012). Trends In Income Distribution , Romanian Journal of Economics, 35.2 (44), pp. 33-44. Albu, L. L (2012a). Structural Convergence in European Union , Annals - Economy Series, Constantin Brancusi University, Faculty of Economics, 4, pp. 1-10. Albu, L. L (2012b). The Convergence Process in the EU Estimated by Gini Coefficients , ‘Journal for Economic Forecasting’, 4, pp. 5-16. Bogović, N. D. (2002). Long-term characteristics of personal consumption in the Republic of Croatia , Economic Review, Vol.53 No.7

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Regression Analysis of Variables Describing Poultry Meat Supply in European Countries

:// ISSN 1553-8133 Dougherty, C. (2011). Introduction to Econometrics (4th Edt ed.). Oxford: Oxford University Press. Dumičić, K., Čeh Časni, A. & Palić, I. (2011). Multivariate regression analysis of personal consumption in Croatia. In: L. Zadnik Stirn, J. Žerovnik, J. Povh, S. Drobne & A. Lisec (eds), Proceedingsof the 11th International Symposium on Operational ResearchSOR’2011, Dolenjske Toplice September 28-30, 2011. ISBN: 987-961-6165-35-8. EUROSTAT (2012). Population density by NUTS . Retrieved July 2012

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A Cosmopolitan Perspective of Globalization: Cultural and Aesthetic Consumption Among Young People

≤, in Vertovec S. et Cohen R., (eds), Conceiving cosmopolitanism, Oxford, Oxford University Press: 1-22. Woodward, I., Skrbis, Z., and Bean, C. 2008, “Attitudes toward globalization and cosmopolitanism: Cultural diversity, personal consumption and the national economy”, The British Journal of Sociology, 59 (1): 207-226.

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Examining the Relationship between Financial Development and International Trade in Croatia

EU New Member States: Bad Luck or Bad Policies? International Monetary Fund Working Paper 10/130. Beck, T. 2003. Financial dependence and international trade: is there a link. Review of International Economics 11: 296-316. Bilas, V. and Bošnjak, M. 2015. Examining the relationship between banking loans to private individuals growth rate and personal consumption growth rate in Croatia – the cointegration approach. Notitia – časopis za održivi razvoj 1: 19-26. Bošnjak, M., Novak, I. and Šverko, I. 2013. Macroeconomic Shocks Influence on NPL Level in

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Changing role of women in the Irish society: an overview of the female consumer

result, consumer buying power and the general standard of living increased, giving rise to an increased spending on personal consumption. Ireland experienced a strong and rising level of aggregate demand, increasing overall household consumption between 1993 and 1999. The dramatic rise in the national income and spending on personal consumption during the 1990s strengthened domestic demand for all kinds of Irish-produced consumer goods ( McCoy et al., 2001 ); for example, during this period, the number of cars registered in Ireland increased by 40% ( Powell, 2003

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Smartphone and Tablet Application (App) Life Cycle Characterization via Apple App Store Rank

metrics used to measure the growth of a product. Polli and Cook (1969) expressed concern that treating change in absolute sales volume directly as an indicator in the model may be problematic, since a lot of factors affect sales, including population growth and personal consumption levels. Hence, they proposed an adjusted sales indicator to offset various irrelevant factors. Seasonal sales variations also have an impact on consumer demand, which may dramatically distort the PLC ( Kurawarwala & Matsuo, 1998 ). Another issue, one mentioned above, is that accurate sales

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