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Cisplatin-induced non-convulsive posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome in a 41-year-old woman with metastatic malignant melanoma

Background. Cisplatin, a widely used antineoplastic agent usually induces peripheral neuropathy, but can rarely also complicate with encephalopathy, with or without seizures.

Case report. We report a case of a young patient with metastatic malignant melanoma with signs and symptoms of cisplatin-induced non-convulsive posterior reversible encephalopaty syndrome. Within the days shortly after the first cycle of cisplatin based chemotherapy the patient suffered from nausea, vomitus, headache, severe pain at the site of sub-cutaneous metastases and confusion. She later experienced somnolence, cortical blindness and aphasia, but without epileptic seizures.

Conclusions. Cisplatin is an effective chemotherapeutic drug but also very toxic one and physicians using it must also be aware of possible encephalopathy.