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Relationships Between Performance Test Results of Gilts of Different Breeds

). Correlations between selected traits of growing boars as evaluated in vivo (in Polish). Pr. Mat. Zoot., Zesz. Spec., 13: 99-107. Michalska G., Nowachowicz J., Bucek T., Wasilewski P.D. (2005). Relationships between performance test results of young crossbred boars with Zlotnicka Spotted and Pietrain breeding. Ann. Anim. Sci., Suppl., 1: 39-42. Michalska G., Nowachowicz J., Wasilewski P.D., Bucek T. (2008). Relationship between performance test results of young Polish Large White boars (in Polish). Rocz. Nauk. Zoot., 35, 1

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Behavioral and Physiological Reactivity of Mares and Stallions Evaluated in Performance Tests/Procena Fizioloških Parametara I Reaktivnosti Kobila I Pastuva Na Osnovu Performans Testa

References 1. Koenen EPC, Algridge LI, Philipsson J: An overview of breeding objectives for warmblood sport horses. Livest Prod Sci 2004, 88:77-84. 2. Thoren Hellsten E, Viklund A, Koenen EPC, Ricard A, Bruns E, Philipsson J: Review of genetic parameters estimated at stallion and young horse performance tests and their correlations with later results in dressage and show-jumping competition. Livest Sci 2006, 103:1-12. 3. Budzyński M, Sołtys L, Słomka Z, Kaczyńska Cz, Chmiel K: Excitability of stallions from the

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Self-Directed Performance Testing

References G. Denaro, A. Polini, and W. Emmerich, "Early performance testing of distributed software applications," in 4th International Workshop on Software and Performance (WOSP '04) , January 2004. USA: ACM, 2004, pp. 94-103. D. P. Olshefski, J. Nieh, and D. Agrawal, "Inferring client response time at the web server," in International Conference on Measurements and Modeling of Computer Systems (SIGMETRICS 2002) , June 2002. USA: ACM, 2002, pp. 160-171. B. M. Subraya

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Neurocognitive Functioning of Sport Climbers

neuropsychological assessment of visual-spatial function, the Tactual Performance Test, the Benton Visual Retention Test (BVRT), the Rey-Osterrieth Complex Figure Test (ROCF), and the Ruff Figural Fluency Test (RFFT) are used ( Kang et al., 2014 ; McIntyre et al., 2013 ; Steck, 2005 ). Clinical studies of tactile-spatial perception have so far focused on blind individuals ( Postma et al., 2007 ), newborns and children with no linguistic features ( Gallace and Spence, 2009 ), alcohol addicts ( Charter, 2000 ) and healthy people considering sex as the differentiating variable

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Analysis of Genetic Parameters of Carcass Traits and Daily Gain of Native Breed Pigs Raised in Poland

population for growth performances. Asian-Australas. J. Anim. Sci., 26: 470–475. Eckert R., Szyndler-Nędza M. (2004). Results of performance tested boars (in Polish). Report on pig breeding in Poland. Kraków, XXII: 30–53. Eckert R., Szyndler-Nędza M. (2017). Results of performance tested boars (in Polish). Report on pig breeding in Poland. Kraków, XXXV: 19–33. Eckert R., Żak G., Bereta A. (2017). Results of performance tested gilts (in Polish). Report on pig breeding in Poland. Kraków, XXXV: 34–48. Florowski T., Pisula A., Adamczak L., Buczyński J

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Effect of Some Factors on Performance Value Assessment of Stallions During Performance Tests

References Czerwińska M., Mroczkowski S., Bohaczyk M. (2008). Acomparison of conformity of jumping abilities marks obtained by half-bred stallions during performance tests in Training Centre in Biały Bór in the period of 2002-2006. Rocz. Nauk. PTZ, 4: 9-15. Ducro B.J., Koenen E.P.C., Van Tartwijk J.M.F.M., Bovenhuis H. (2007). Genetic relations of movement and free-jumping traits with dressage and show-jumping performance in competition of Dutch Warmblood horses. Livest. Sci., 107: 227-234. Duensing J.K., Stock

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Study on icebreaking performance of the Korea icebreaker ARAON in the arctic sea

STAR Symposium, pp.311-322. Riska, K. Leiviska, T. Nyman, T. Fransson, L. Lehtonen, J.Eronen, H. Backman, A., 2001. Ice performance of the Swedish multi-purpose icebreaker Tor Viking II. POAC’ 01. 2, pp.849-866. Schultz, L.A. Middleton, R.W. and Dai, R.Y.T., 1994. Operational Performance of the RV NATHANIEL B. PALMER. ICETECH '94, pp.1-26. Sodhi, D. Griggs, D. and Tucker, W., 2001. Ice performance tests of USCGC Healy. POAC’ 01, 2, pp.893-908 Timco, G.W. and O’Brien, S., 1994. Flexural Strength Equation

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Performance Testing of Web Map Services tn three Dimensions – X, Y, Scale

References Anderson, B. - Deoliveira, J. (2007) WMS Performance Tests, Mapserver & Geoserver. [online]. [cit. 2012-02-09]. Available from: < server-vs-geo-server>. Abran, A. - Moore, J. (2004) Guide to the Software Engineering, Body of Knowledge. Los Alamitos: IEEE Computer Society, 2004. 200 pp. ISBN 0-7695-2330-7. Horák, J. - Ardielli, J. - Horáková, B., (2009) Testing of Web Map Services. [online]. [cit. 2012-02-08]. Available from: <http

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18. Estimation of Meat Content in the Carcasses of Young Pigs Based on Performance Testing of Live Animals and Carcass Evaluation

References Ayuso D., González A., Hernández F., Corral J.M., Izquierdo M. (2013). Prediction of carcass composition, ham and foreleg weights, and lean meat yields of Iberian pigs using ultrasound measurements in live animals. J. Anim. Sci., 91: 1884-1892. Eckert R., Żak G., Bereta A. (2014). Results of performance tested gilts (in Polish). Report on pig breeding in Poland. Kraków, Wyd. wł. IZ PIB XXXII, pp. 35-48. Engel B., Lambooij E., Buist W.G., Vereijken P. (2012). Lean meat prediction with HGP, CGM, and CSB

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The Share of Variance Components and Correlations Between Sow Production Traits in Different Treatments of the Litter Size (The Repeatability and Multi-Trait Models)

International: 427-462, 1998. COSTA E.V., VENTURA H.T., FIGUEIREDO E.A.P., SILVA F.F., GLORIA L.S., GODINHO R.M., RESENDE M.D.V., LOPES P.S.: Multi-trait and repeatability models for genetic evaluation of litter traits in pigs considering different farrowings. Rev. Bras. Saúde Prod. Anim., Salvador, 17, 4, 666-676, 2016. CRUMP R.E., HALEY C.S., THOMPSON R., MERCER J.: Individual animal model estimates of genetic parameters for reproduction traits of Landrace pigs performance tested in a commercial nucleus herd. Anim. Sci., 65: 285-290, 1997. GORJANC G

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