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Evaluation of production effectiveness in garment companies through key performance indicators

References 1. Haycock, John. Productivity toolkit for garment companies. RRije/Albania, USAID, 2011. 2. Hunter, Alan. Quick response in apparel manufacturing. 3. Suanmalu, Suthathip. A study of business performance through Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in the Thai garment industry. 4. Performance measurement of companies -

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The Proposal of Key Performance Indicators in Facility Management and Determination the Weights of Significance

Institute. [5] Němcová, Z. (2009). Application of Key Performance Indicators in the Construction Industry: a comparison of the United Kingdom with the Czech Republic. 6 p. [6] LAI, J. H. K., YIK, F. W. H. (2011). An analytical method to evaluate facility management services for residential buildings. Building and Environment 46 (2011) p. 165-175. [7] Mc.DOUGALL, G., Kelly, J.R., Hinks, J., Bititci, U.S. (2002). A review of the leading performance measurement tools for assessing buildings. Journal of Facilities Management 2002; 1(2):142e53 . [8

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Development of Corporate Governance Performance Indicators for Czech Manufacturing Companies

Agency Theory: CEO Governance and Shareholder Returns. Australian Journal of Management, 16(1), 49-64. DVFA. (2007). Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Extra-/Non-Financial Reporting. Retrieved June 17, 2014, from European Commission. (2011). Green paper: the EU corporate governance framework. Retrieved September 10, 2014, from

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Key Performance Indicators for the Nato Centres of Excellence

References [1] Gregory Daddis, No Sure Victory: Measuring U.S. Army Effectiveness and Progress in the Vietnam War, 2011. [2] CA Technologies, White Paper: Key Performance Indicators: Establishing the Metrics that Guide Success, in, 2015. [3] CA Technologies, White Paper: Key Performance Indicators: Establishing the Metrics that Guide Success, in https

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Comparative Analysis of Buckling Load of Circular and Corrugated Tubes by Utilizing Key Performance Indicators

Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, vol.37, No.10, pp.1578-1586. [18] Yu T.X., Xiang Y., Wang M. and Yang L.M. (2014): Key performance indicators of tubes used as energy absorbers . – The 12th Asia-Pacific Symposium on Engineering Plasticity and its Applications (AEPA2014), Kaohsiung, Taiwan, 6-10 September. [19] as accessed on August 31, 2016. [20] Pilkey W.D. (2002): Analysis and Design of Elastic Beams. – New York: Wiley.

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Performance in Team Sports: Identifying the Keys to Success in Soccer

English Premiership football. Manage Decis Econ, 2000; 21: 31-45. Csataljay G, O'Donoghue P, Hughes M, Dancs H. Performance indicators that distinguish winning and losing teams in basketball. Int J Perform Anal Sport, 2009; 9: 60-66. Gómez M, Álvaro J, Barriopedro MI. Behaviour patterns of finishing plays in female and male soccer. Kronos, 2009; 8(15): 15-24 (in Spanish with English abstract). Gómez M, Barriopedro MI, Álvaro J. Differences in playing actions between men and women in elite

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Assessing the Local Environmental Performance in Western Moldavia (Romania)

), Environmental performance, indicators and measurement uncertainty in EMS context: a case study, Journal of Cleaner Production 16 (2008) 517-530. Rogge N., 2012. Undesirable specialization in the construction of composite policy indicators: The Environmental Performance Index, Ecological Indicators 23 (2012) 143-154. Sova R., Rault C., Caporale Guglielmo Maria, Sova Anamaria, (2014), Improving Environmental Performance: A Challenge for Romania, Environmental and Resource Economics, Volume 57, Issue 3, pp 431-452, Springer. Sun J

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The Use of Match Statistics that Discriminate Between Successful and Unsuccessful Soccer Teams

. The use of performance indicators in performance analysis. J Sport Sci, 2002; 20: 739-754. Hughes M, Franks, I. Notational Analysis of Sport Systems for better coaching and performance in sport. London: Ed. Routledge, 2004. Hughes M, Franks I. Analysis of passing sequences, shots and goals in soccer. J Sport Sci, 2005; 23: 509-514. Hughes M, Robertson K, Nicholson A. Comparison of patterns of play of successful and unsuccessful teams in the 1986 World Cup for soccer. In: Science and

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Linking a performance management system and competencies: Qualitative research

Introduction This paper continues the research started by Závadský, Korenková, Závadská, Kadárová and Tuček (2019) . The previous research was based on the most frequently used key performance indicators worldwide. This paper uses the same indicators but also offers a deeper view of theory and practical implications, which is a novelty. The paper has several research objectives. The first objective is to identify the group of indicators that are most widely used in the manufacturing area worldwide. The second objective is to identify the responsibility and

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Performance Consistency of International Soccer Teams in Euro 2012: a Time Series Analysis

, Bartlett R. The use of performance indicators in performance analysis. J Sport Sci, 2002; 20: 739-754 Hughes M, Bartlett R. What is performance analysis, In. M Hughes IM. Frank (eds.), The essentials of performance analysis: An introduction , London: Routledge 8-20; 2008 Hughes M, Franks IM. Analysis of passing sequences, shots and goals in soccer. J Sports Sci , 2005; 23: 509-514 Kannekens R, Elferinks-Gemser T, Visscher C. Positioning and deciding: Key factors for talent development in soccer. Scand J Med Sci Spor

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