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Adapting The Survey Of Perceived Organizational Support

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Perceived Organizational Support, Stress Coping Behaviors and Mediating Role of Psychological Capital: Special Education and Rehabilitation Centers

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HRM Solutions for Retaining Millennials in Western Societies

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The Effects of Personal and Organizational Resources on Work and Well-Being Outcomes among Turkish Nurses

and validation of a new scale for measuring leader behavior. Journal of Organizational Behaviour , 21, 249–269. Balci, S. (2008) The effects of an emotion strength training program on the optimism level of nurses. Education sciences: Theory and Practice , 8, 793–804. Bobbio, A., Bellan, M., & Manganelli, A.M. (2012) Empowering leadership, perceived organizational support, trust, and job burnout for nurses: A study in an Italian general hospital. Health Care Management Review , 37, 77–87. Burke, R.J. (2005) Hospital restructuring stressors

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Relationships among Work Life, Mental Health Status and Organisation-based Self-esteem

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Two social exchanges and service personnel’s internal service behavioural intention at international tourism hotels

-172 [10] Chen, W.-J. (2013). Factors influencing internal service quality at international tourist hotels. International Journal of Hospitality Management, 35, 152-160 [11] Chiang, C.-F., & Hsieh, T.-S. (2012). The impacts of perceived organizational support and psychological empowerment on job performance: The mediating effects of organizational citizenship behavior. International Journal of Hospitality Management, 31, 180-190 [12] Cho, S., & Johanson, M. (2008). Organizational citizenship behavior and employee performance: Moderating effect of work status

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The role of tribalism as mediator between employee empowerment and organizational commitment in Yemeni Islamic banking sector

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Factors Influencing Job Satisfaction of Banking Sector Employees
(The case study: Asgariyeh and MehrIran Banks in Qazvin and Alborz, Iran)

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Employees’ Creativity Development within Innovative Processes of Enterprise

References Addis, S., 2009. Creativity and innovation. The one-two punch to knock out your competition . . Akgunduz, Y., Alkan, C., and Gok, O. A., 2018. Perceived organizational support, employee creativity and proactive personality: The mediating effect of meaning of work. Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management, 34 (March), 105-114. Amabile, T. M., Conti, R., Coon, H., Lazenby, J., and Herron, M., 1996. Assessing the Work Environment for Creativity. Academy of

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Employee’s Learning in the Organization - A Study of Knowledge Based Industries

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