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Rivalry of Advocacy Coalitions in the Czech Pension Reform

References Adámková, A. 2011 “Vládní návrh penzijní reformy je taková bramboračka.” Interview with Jiří Rusnok. Parlament, vláda, samospráva [Parliament, government, local government]. Parol, s.r.o. Available at (last accessed, October, 2015). Bezděk, V., J. Münich, J. Procházka, J. Rusnok, P. Zahradník and M. Zámečník. 2011. “Důchodová reforma očima nervu” [Pension reform – NERV perspective]. Available at

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Czech pension reform: how to reconcile equivalence with fiscal discipline

, J. (2011). Závěrečná zpráva Hodnocení dopadů regulace (RIA). [Final Report on Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA)]. MPSV ČR. MPSV. (2008). Pojistně matematická zpráva o sociálním pojištění. [Actuarial Report on Social Insurance] [online]. Available from Malá důchodová reforma je nespravedlivá, necitlivá a nedomyšlená, ČSSD s ní zásadně nesouhlasí. [Small Pension Reform is unfair, insensitive and ill-conceived, ČSSD strongly disagrees with it]. (2011). Press release by ČSSD

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Open Pension Funds in Poland: The Efects of the Pension Privatization Process

References Antia F., Lanzara A.P., 2011, Multi-pillared Social Systems: Te Post-reform Picture in Chile, Uruguay and Brazil, International Social Security Review, Vol. 64, No. 1 Barley R., 2010, Hungary`s Unorthodox Economic Bet, Te Wall Street Journal (Eastern edition, New York), Dec. 4 Barr N., 2001, Te Truth About Pension Reform, Finance and Development, September, Vol. 38, No. 3 CENDA, 2010, La Gran Ilusión. Perspectiva de la rentabilidad de lago plazo de los fondos de pensiones AFP comparada con los mercados fnancieros internacionales, Centro de

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Public Debt and Its Impact on the Polish Economy and Society

References BBC (2009). Crisis Cost US $10,000 Each, (04.03.2013). (2014) Szczurek: po przekazaniu aktywów z OFE dług publiczny spadł o 9 proc. PKB, (11.12.2014). Cain, J.G. and Surdej, A. (1999). Transitional Politics or Public Choice? Evaluating Stalled Pension reforms in Poland. In: M. Rueschemeyer, L. Cook and M. Orenstein, Left Parties and Social Policy in Postcommunist Europe. Colorado: Westview Press. Central Statistics

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The Romanian Pension System Reforms: Evidences from Legislative Roll Call Analysis

REFERENCES Anckar, Dag & Karvonen, Lauri (2004). Constitutional Amendment Methods in the Democracies of the World . Turku: Abo Academy University. Armeanu, O. I. (2010a). The battle over privileges and pension reform: Evidence from legislative roll call analysis in Poland. Europe-Asia Studies, 62(4): 571-595. Armeanu, O. I. (2010b). The Politics of Pension Reform in Central and Eastern Europe: Political Parties, Coalitions, and Policies . New York: Palgrave Macmillan. Armstrong, D. A., Bakker, R., Carroll, R., Hare, C., Poole, K. T

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Reform of Healthcare and Pension Systems in Chile (Conclusions for Poland)

References Titelman D., Uthoff A. (2008) Inserción laboral, mercados de trabajo y protección social , ‘Fondo de Cultura Económica 2008 Centre from Retirement Research (2009), Is Latin America Retreating from Individual Retirement Accounts? , Santiago Chile's Next Generation Pension Reform (2008), Social Security Bulletin 2008 Data from the Ministry of Health in Chile 2000-2009 Financiamiento del desarrollo , Cepal, Santiago de

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Mandatory pension funds in Chile: decline of the arrangement?

R eferences Barr, N., Diamond, P. (2016). Reforming Pensions in Chile. Polityka Społeczna, No.1, 4-9. Retrieved from: . Barr, N., Diamond, P. (2010). Pension Reform. A Short Guide. New York: Oxford University Press. Barr, N., Diamond, P. (2008a). Reforming Pensions. ISSR Draft, November. Retrieved from [13.03.2015]. Barr, N., Diamond, P. (2008b). Reforming Pensions: Principles and Policy

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The Logical Sustainability Theory for pension systems: the discrete-time model in a stochastic framework under variable mortality

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