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Introduction Snails by their habitat could be grouped into two: aquatic and terrestrial. However, terrestrial snails are mostly found in wet and damp areas. Both aquatic and terrestrial snails are hosts to a range of parasites ( Caron et al ., 2014 ; Opisa et al ., 2011 ; Betterton et al ., 1988 ). Snail consumption rate is rising because people are now avoiding red meat for perceived health reasons ( Omole et. al., 2006 ). Snail meat offers the entire amino acid requirement in man ( Adeyeye, 1996 ) with relatively high iron content and low fat ( Agbogidi

Introduction The Caspian Sea with the lower reaches of the rivers flowing into it are Kazakhstan’s most important fisheries. Here there are about 0.3 million tons of fish caught annually. Fish parasitoses act as a potential factor restraining the growth of fish productivity. Some helminths of fish may also be zoonoses and therefore represent a public health problem. Therefore the study of parasites presently infecting fish in the Caspian Sea basin may provide important information to reduce the risk of spreading economically important diseases of fish in the

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