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Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) gained a lot of attention lately, due to the technology revolution, namely the IoT of things, which allowed a wide range of applications in the manufacturing and service sectors. The research reflects the importance of using the RFID tracking system in the supplier’s distributions operations, by reducing the level of inventories’ movement, increasing accuracy in depicting in a timely manner the shipping freight, with no paperwork inaccuracies. In this regard, the methodology is based on a semi-structured interview with managers of transportation companies who have provided information of the transportation performance in both cases of use or not use of the RFID technology. The paperwork mistakes and shipping delay were the indicators registered. In this matter, SPSS quantitative methods, Pearson correlation and linear regressions have been applied. The tables reveal the strong bivariate correlation between the RFID systems, paperwork mistakes and shipment delays. The regression analysis underlines the positive strong correlation between paperwork inaccuracies and shipment delays which means that an increase in document mistakes will lead to a certain amount of time increase in shipping processes.