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near-surface formations. In: Journal of Hydrology, vol. 259, 2002, no. 1-4, p. 32-48. Grmela, J. - Kopp, R. 2011. Water quality of selected tributaries of the river Svratka under the Vír dam. In: MendelNet 2011 - Proceedings of International Ph.D. Students Conference, 2011, p. 349 -356. ISBN 978-80-7375-563-8. HOLKO, L. - KOSTKA, Z. - LICHNER, Ľ. - PÍŠ, V. 2006. Variation of nitrates in runoff from mountain and rural ares Biologia. vol. 61, 2006, no. 19, p. 270-274, (CC)-(0.240-IF2005). HOLKO, L. - KoSTKA, Z. 2008. Priestorová a časová variabilita vodivosti vody vo

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-Selektor geochemical modeling package: TSolMod library and data interface for multicomponent phase models, “ The Canadian Mineralogist , Vol. 50, 2012, pp. 1173–1195. 25. Thermodynamic database, provided by EMPA, available at: . 26. Kulik D: “Improving the structural consistency of C-S-H solid solution thermodynamic models,” Cement Concrete Research , Vol. 41, 2011, pp. 477–495. 27. Hemstad P: “pH-dependency of chloride binding in ordinary Portland cement.” Master Thesis, Trondheim, Norway, 2018. 28. Lothenbach B, Winnefeld F, Alder

is needed ( Kmiecik 2018 ). In-situ measurements of pH and EC are considered simple and very often the measurements are not checked and controlled. The main goal of the research was to evaluate the methodology and the quality assurance of in-situ measurements of unstable parameters (pH and EC). Materials and Methods The research material Analysed solutions Field study covered two geothermal water wells GT-1 and GT-2, which are used i.a. for heating purposes. The study area is located in the south of Poland, using water from Poland's most effective geothermal

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