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foetal distress when no oxytocin is used. All other CS were classified as a form of dystocia. Sub-groups of dystocia depend on whether progress of labour (cervical dilatation) is less than 1 cm/h (inefficient uterine action) or more than 1 cm/h (efficient uterine action). Inefficient uterine action was then subdivided into poor response (despite maximum treatment with oxytocin), inability to treat adequately (for foetal reasons), inability to treat adequately (because of the uterus over-contracting), or no treatment (oxytocin not given for other reasons). Table 1

, uterine contraction characteristics (duration, frequency, and interval), and fetal heart rates. All data were measured at baseline and repeated measures at one-hour interval in addition to other birth outcomes such as mode of delivery, oxytocin use, and the duration of each stage of labor. Tool III: Apgar's score 15 at first and fifth minute to evaluate the neonatal outcomes. Tool IV: Visual analogue pain intensity scale: It is a standardized linear scale that was adopted by Mc Caffery and Pasero 16 and used to evaluate pain severity. It is a self-reported 10 cm

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