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Efficiency Of Biomass Production – Methodological Approaches

References AIGNER, D. J. – CHU, S. F. 1968. On Estimating the Industry Production Function. In American Economic Review, 1968, no. 58, p. 826–839 AIGNER, D. J. – LOVELL, C. A. – SCHMIDT, P. 1977. Formulation and Estimation of Stochastic Frontier Production Function Models. In Journal of Econometrics, vol. 6, 1977, no. 2, p. 1–37. BANKER, R. D. – MOREY, R. C. 1986. Efficiency Analysis for Exogenously Fixed Inputs and Outputs. In Operations Research, vol. 34, 1986, no. 5, p. 13–52. CHARNES, A. – COOPER, W. W. – RHODES, E. 1978. Measuring the

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How to perceive quantitative indicators when assessing research policies

] Technologické centrum AV ČR (2018): ERC choropleth map [online]. [16] Technopolis Group (2011): Kvalita výzkumu, institucionální financování a hodnocení výzkumu v České republice a v zahraničí [online]. [17] UNESCO (2010): UNESCO Science Report 2010: „The Current Status of Science around the World.“ UNESCO Publishing, Paris. [18] Vaněček, J. (2014): The effect of performance-based research funding on output

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Post-Crisis Potential Output in the Western Balkans

-74. Borio, C., Disyatat P. and Juseluis M. 2013. Rethinking Potential Output: Embedding Information about the Financial Cycle. BIS Working Papers No. 404. Campbell, John Y., and N. Gregory Mankiw. 1987. Permanent and Transitory Components in Macroeconomic Fluctuations. American Economic Review 77, No. 2: 111-117. Castle, J. 2003. Measuring Excess Demand and its Impact on Inflation. MPhil. Thesis. University of Oxford. Cerra, V. and Saxena, C.S. 2000. Alternative Methods of Estimating Potential Output and the Output Gap: An

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Digitally Controllable Current Amplifier and Current Conveyors in Practical Application of Controllable Frequency Filter

Differential Amplifers: New Circuits and Applications, International Journal of Circuit Theory and Applications (2001), 553–574. SOULIOTIS G. CHRISANTHOPOULOS A. HARITANTIS I. Current Differential Amplifers: New Circuits and Applications International Journal of Circuit Theory and Applications 2001 553 574 [3] ALTUN, M.—KUTMAN, H. : Design of a Fully Differential Current Mode Operational Amplifier with Improved Input-Output Impedances and its Filter Applications, International Journal of Electronics and Communications 62 No. 3 (2008), 239

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Validity of Mechanical Power Output Measurement at Bench Press Exercise

of Force and Conditioning Research , 2004. 18: 668-684 Falvo J.M., Schiling K.B., Weiss W.L. Techniques and considerations for determining isoinertial upper-body power. Sports Biomechanics , 2005. 5: 293-311 Hori N., Newton, U.R., Andrews A.W., Kawamori N., McGuigan R.M., Nosaka K. Comparison of four different methods to measure power output during the hang power clean and the weighted jump squat. J Force Condition Res , 2007. 21: 314-320 Hori N., Newton U.R., Nosaka K., McGuigan R

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Atmospheric Patterns During the Storms from January 2014 in Bulgaria and Romania


Synoptic conditions associated with strong winds and snowfalls on January 2014 in Bulgaria and Romania are investigated in this paper. The Romanian authorities established the orange and red codes while the Bulgarian ones the orange code. A first peak was recorded in northern and especially northeastern Bulgaria and south-eastern Romania on January 25-26 and a second one on January 29 2014. The purpose is to understand what regulates the duration and intensity of these events. For their study, NCEP-500/700/850 and SLP analyses, different model outputs and soundings as well as data from 12 weather stations have been used.

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Output gap in the Czech economy: DSGE approach

. Review of Economics and Statistics , 1999, 81.4: 575-593. BENEŠ, Jaromír; N’DIAYE, Papa. A Multivariate Filter for Measuring Potential Output and the NAIRU: Application to The Czech Republic . IMF Working Paper 04/45, 2004. BLANCHARD, Olivier; GALÍ, Jordi. Labor markets and monetary policy: A New Keynesian model with unemployment. American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics , 2010, 2.2: 1-30. BROOKS, Stephen P.; GELMAN, Andrew. General methods for monitoring convergence of iterative simulations. Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics

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Regional Economic Growth Disparities in Ukraine: Input-Output Analysis Approach

References Abramowitz, M., 1986. Catching up, forging ahead and falling behind. The Journal of Economic History, 46 (02), 385-406. doi: Ara, K., 1959. The Aggregation Problem in Input-Output Analysis. Econometrica, 27 (2), 257-262. doi: Barro, R., 1991. Economic growth in a cross section of countries. The Quarterly Journal of Economics, 106 (2), 407-443. doi: Barro, R., and Sala-i-Martin, X., 1992. Convergence. Journal of

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Application Of Input-Output Analysis In The Health Care

w latach 1999-2009 w ujęciu przestrzenno-czasowym, [in:] Glinka B., Hansel P. (eds.), Problemy Zarządzania nr 3/2011, University of Warsaw Press, Warsaw. Miller R., Blair P. (2009), Input-Output Analysis. Foundations and Extensions, Cambridge University Press, New York. Sargento A.L.M. (2009), Regional input-output tables and models, Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal, published on-line: 20io %20tables%20and%20models_cd%20pdf%20file.pdf [access date: 06

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Financial Deepening, Foreign Direct Investment and Output Performance in Nigeria

and Economic Growth: New Evidence on the role of Financial Markets. Journal of Economics Letters, 107 (2), 211-213. doi: Schumpeter, J. A., 1911. The Theory of Economic Development, Cambridge: Harvard University Press. World Bank, 2009. Global Economic Prospects and the Developing Countries 2003 . Washington, D.C.: Investing to Unlock Opportunities. Shuaibu, M. A., and Salisu, A. A., 2013. Foreign Direct Investment, financial depth and output performance in the presence of structural breaks: Evidence for

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