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soil mineral nitrogen, growth and yield organically produced oil pumpkins (Cucurbita pepo L. convar. citrullina (L.) Greb. var. styriaca Greb.) [M. Sc. Thesis]. Maribor: Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences, University of Maribor 2010. 24. Jariene E, Danilcenko H, Kulaitiene J, Gajewski M. Effect of fertilizers on oil pumpkin seeds crude fat, fibre and protein quantity. Agron. Res. 2007;5(1):43-49. 25. Kocjan Ačko D. Buča. In: Poljščine. Založba Kmečki glas, Ljubljana 2015:105-110. 26. Ma QH, Wang X, Li HB, Li HG, Zhang FS, Rengel Z, Shen JB. Comparing localized

(12), 1497-1505. Winkler, J. (2000). The origin and breeding of the hull-less seeded Styrian oil pumpkin varieties in Austria. Cucurbit Genetics Cooperative Report , 23 , 101-104. Zduńczyk, Z., Minakowski, D., Frejnagel, S., Flis, M. (1998). Skład chemiczny i wartość pokarmowa makuch z dyni. Rośliny Oleiste , 19 (1), 206-209.

planting method on growth and yield in oil pumpkin ( Cucurbita pepo var. styriaca ). Notulae Scientia Biologicae 4(2):101-107. DOI: 10.15835/nsb.4.2.7566. Véry A.A., Sentenac H. 2003. Molecular mechanisms and regulation of K + transport in higher plants. Annual Review of Plant Biology 54: 575-603. DOI: 10.1146/annurev.arplant.54.031902.134831. Yuan L., Xu D.Q. 2001. Stimulation effect of gibberellic acid short-term treatment on the photosynthesis related to the increase in Rubisco content in broad bean and soybean. Photosynthesis Research 68: 39-47. DOI: 10.1023/A

.9 341.9 51% n 1,652 4,441 Sugar beets yield data of sugar beets only available from 2008–2016 dt/ha 512.8 695.2 73% n Field peas dt/ha 13.3 23.5 57% n 373 2,158 Faba beans no organic data from 2003–2004; 2 no conventional data for 2008 dt/ha 16.4 26.8 71% n 513 1,926 Soybeans dt/ha 22.3 25.7 93% n 348 419 Oil pumpkin dt/ha 4.3 5.7 78% n 250 1,976 dt/ha = weighted average yield in decitonnes per hectare; n = number of documented yield data between 2003–2016; Organic and conventional yield ratios and yield ranges per respective crop species from 2003-2016 for Austria

Sorte sowie von Standort und Produktionstechnik – III. Die Relevanz produktionstechnischer Maßnahmen für die Kornqualität verschiedenen Gerstenformen unter differenzierten Aufwuchsbedingungen Die Bodenkultur 40 47 59 Bavec, F., Gril, L., Grobelnik-Mlakar, S. and M. Bavec (2002): Seedlings of oil pumpkins as an alternative to seed sowing: Yield and production costs. Die Bodenkultur 39, 39–43. Bavec F. Gril L. Grobelnik-Mlakar S. Bavec M. 2002 Seedlings of oil pumpkins as an alternative to seed sowing: Yield and production costs Die Bodenkultur 39 39 43 Chiapusio, G

A. E­ects of endogenously increased levels of thiol compounds and salicylic acid on Zucchini yellow mosaic virus infected Styrian oil pumpkin plants. Thesis. Uni Graz. 2004. 88. Urbanek Krajnc A. A temporal analysis of antioxidative defense responses in the phloem of Picea abies ather attack by Ips typographus. Tree Physiol. 2009;29:1059-1068. 89. Urbanek Krajnc A, Kristl J, Ivancic A. Application of salicylic acid induces antioxidant defense responses in the phloem of Picea abies and inhibits colonization by Ips typographus. ForEcol Manage. 2011;261:416-426. 90