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Oil Price Volatility and Business Cycles in Nigeria

5. References Abdulkareem, A. and Abdulkareem, K. A. (2016). Analysing Oil Price – Macroeconomic Volatility in Nigeria. CBN Journal of Applied Statistics, 7 (1), 1-22. Adam, P., Rianse, U., Cahyono, E., Rahim, M. and Syarif, M. (2015). Modelling of the Dynamics of Relationship between World Crude Oil Prices and Indonesia’s Trade Balance: An LVAR Analysis. Journal of Economics and Sustainable Development, 6 (4), 156-161. Aregbeyen, O. and Fasanyan, I. O. (2017). Oil Price Volatility and Fiscal Behaviour of Government in Nigeria. Asian Journal

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Multiple Breakpoint Test on Crude Oil Price

6 References [1] Andrews, D.W.K., 1993. Tests for Parameter Instability and Structural Changes with Unknown Change Point. Econometrica , 61, pp.821-856. [2] Andrew, W.K., Ploberger, W., 1996. Optimal Change Point Tests for Normal Linear Regression. Journal of Econometrics , 70, pp.9-38. [3] Arinze, P.E., 2011. The Impact of Oil Price on the Nigerian Economy. Jorind , 9, pp.211-215. [4] Bai, J., Perron, P., 2003. Critical Values for Multiple Structural Change Tests. Econometrics Journal , 6, pp.72-78. [5] Behrens, J.T., Yu, C

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Monetary Transmission Channel, Oil Price Shock and the Manufacturing Sector in Nigeria

References African Development Bank Group (2010). Report of quarterly review. Algeria economy outlook , 3 (21), 24–31. Akpan, E.O. (2009). Oil price shocks and Nigeria’s macro economy. Paper presented at the Annual Conference on Economic Development in Africa, 22–24 March, Oxford. Aziz, Z.A. (2013). Islamic finance in a challenging economy: Moving forward opening address. 2 nd ISRA Colloquium. Kuala Lumpur. Barran, F., Coudert, V., Mojon, B. (2002). The Transmission of Monetary Policy in the European Countries . Document de travail

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The Influence of Oil Price Volatility on Selected Macroeconomic Variables in Nigeria

References Abdulkareem, A. and Abdulhakeem, K.A. (2016), Analyzing Oil Price- Macroeconomic Volatility in Nigeria, CBN Journal of Applied Statistics Vol.7 No 1(a), 1-22 Adeniyi, O. A.(2011). Oil Price Shocks and Economic Growth in Nigeria: Are Thresholds Important? Department of Economics and Business Studies, Redeemers University. Akram, Q. (2007). Designing Monetary Policy Using Econometric Models, Oslo Norges Bank Apere O. & Ijomah A. M. (2013). Macroeconomic Impact of Oil Price Levels and Volatility in Nigeria. International Journal of

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Oil Prices, Domestic Resource Gaps, and Breakeven Oil Prices in the Oil-Exporting Countries

REFERENCES 1. Abiola, A.G. (2017). Resource gaps and Economic Growth in Nigeria, 1970 -1999. Journal of Social Science, 7 (3), 193-200. 2. Akira, Y. (2013). A different view to fiscal break-even oil price.IEE, November, 1-7 3. Alkhathlan, K.(2013). Contribution of Oil in Economics Growth of the Saudi Arabia. Applied Economics Letters, 20, 343 -348: DOI:10.1080/13504851.2012.703310 4. Alsamara, M.K., Mrabet, Z., Alafit, M. and Gangopadhyay.(2017). The asymmetric effects of oil price on the

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Scenario Analysis for Future Oil Demand and Supply on the Horizon of 2022

:// . 10. Tippee, B., and Xu, C. (2015). Companies slash capital budgets as oil price drop cuts cash flows. Oil & Gas Journal , 113(4), 28-+. 11. Energy Reality. Available at 12. Trigg, T., Telleen, P., Boyd, R., Cuenot, F., D’Ambrosio, D., Gaghen, R., and Kaneko, H. (2013). Global EV outlook: Understanding the electric vehicle landscape to 2020. Int. Energy Agency , 1–40. 13. World Oil Outlook. (2013). Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries . OPEC

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The Impact of Macroeconomic Indicators on Indian Stock Prices: An Empirical Analysis

Growth. IGIDR Money & Finance Conference. Alam, M. M., & Uddin, M. G. S. (2009). Relationship between interest rate and stock price: empirical evidence from developed and developing countries. International journal of business and management , Vol. 4(3), pp. 43-51. Basher, S. A., Haug, A. A. and Sadorsky, P. (2012). Oil prices, exchange rates and emerging stock markets. Energy Economics , Vol. 34(1) pp. 227-240. Beck, T. and Levine, R. (2004). Stock Markets, Banks, and Growth: Panel Evidence. Journal of Banking and Finance , Vol. 28(3), pp. 423

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The Volatility of Oil Prices on Stock Exchanges in the Context of Recent Events

:// [Accessed 5 May 2015]. Kahn, D., 2014. How I Discovered World War II’s Greatest Spy and Other Stories of intelligence and Code. Boca Raton: Taylor and Francis Group. Le Billon, P. and Cervantes, A., 2013. Oil Prices, Scarcity, and Geographies of War. In: Geographies of Peace and Armed Conflict. Abingdon: Routledge, pp. 19-27. Leffler, W., 2014. Natural Gas Liquids: A Nontechnical Guide. Oklahoma: PennWell Books. Lindoe, P., Baram, M. and Ren, O., 2014. Risk Governance of Offshore Oil and Gas Operations. New York: Cambridge University Press

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International Oil Companies Sustainability after Oil Price decline


International Oil Companies (IOC’s) had been playing a major role in oil industry at the beginning of 20th century. They had many volatility during last century and faced with many obstacles which forced them to change their business models and improve their outcome to satisfy their shareholders. One of the most important challenges was oil nationalization in oil producer countries which were happened by establishment of NOCs. Later green energy issue which came from CO2 emission problem happened and recently, oil and gas price diminish challenges, involve all IOCs with the most important challenge in last century after all. Among all those events, one of the most important key values which have been observed by IPIECA, API and IOGP associations every year is Sustainability. The objectives of the research are study all issues and indicators of sustainability in IOCs. Each indicator has faced with different strategy via IOCs in different market situation. The importance of this key value cause that it is observed by some important association like IPIECA, API and IOGP each year. As the scarcity of related references for business model in oil and gas industry, literature review of some resources and annual sustainability report followed by a questionnaire as a survey are also selected methods for recent major challenges to achieve required result.

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Forecasting CEMAC’s foreign exchange reserves in presence of unanticipated changes in oil prices: an interrupted time series modelling

References 1. Berthold, K., Stadtmann, G. (2018). « Who put the Holes in the Swiss Cheese? Currency Crisis Under Appreciation Pressure », Journal of Central Banking Theory and Practice, 1, pp. 43-57. 2. Bodenstein, M., Erceg C.J. and Guerrieri L. (2011). « Oil shocks and external adjustment », Journal of International Economics , 83:168–184. 3. Chuku, C.A., Akpan, U.F., Sam, N. R. and Effiong, E.L. (2011). « Oil price shocks and the dynamics of current account balances in Nigeria », OPEC Energy Review, June 2011. 4. Eo, S. (2016

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