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The first record of Andrena florivaga Eversmann, 1852 is reported from Poland on the basis of specimens collected in the Kampinos National Park (Mazovian Lowland). Diagnosis, data on localities, biology, and general distribution of the species are provided. One female and five males were caught on a mowed fresh meadow and fallow fields with the use of water pan-traps (Moericke traps), during the 2003 - 2004 time period. The main morphological characteristics distinguishing Andrena florivaga from the very similar Andrena dorsalis Brullé, 1832 species and from the other species of the subgenus Lepidandrena are: in the case of females - the width of facial foveae and colouration of legs, and in the case of males - the length of the first flagellar segment, colouration of clypeus, and pubescence of gonostyles. Andrena florivaga can be found from France in the west, to Central Siberia (Baikal lake region) in the east, and Turkey in the south. Poland is the northernmost locality of the species.

Pocadicnemis carpatica (Chyzer, 1894) (Araneae: Linyphiidae) - a new species of spider to the fauna of Poland

A single female Pocadicnemis carpatica (Chyzer) has been collected in The Stołowe Mountains National Park. This is the first report on this very rare Carpathian spider species in Poland. Present locality is one of the most northern findings of this spider.

Sigara Dorsalis (Leach, 1817) (Heteroptera: Corixidae) - A New Species in Poland and Changes in its Eastern Range Extension

Sigara dorsalis is a new species of the family Corixidae in Poland. It has been identified based on a single male individual in the valley of the Krąpiel River (West Pomerania). Recently reported also from the Mecklenburg region, Sigara dorsalis seems to show a tendency to spread towards the east.

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