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Fully discrete convergence analysis of non-linear hyperbolic equations based on finite element analysis

of resistance and inductance per unit transmission line can be used to describe the characteristics of dielectrics. According to the law, a set of telegraph equations can be established, which can be simplified to a standard wave equation without loss [ 6 ]. In addition, hydrodynamic problems in aviation, meteorology, ocean, petroleum exploration and other fields are reduced to solving non-linear hyperbolic partial differential equations (PDEs; known as conservation laws in foreign literature). The basic difficulty of this kind of equation is that the solution

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Nonlinear Analysis of the Hermetic Postament Safety During Technology Accident in the Nuclear Power Plant

, Politechniki Częstochowskiej, Częstochowa, 2015, ISBN 978-83-65179-20-3. [12] Králik, J. et al. Structural Reliability for Containment of VVER 440/213 Type, In Safety and Reliability: Methodology and Applications - Nowakowski et al. (Eds) © Taylor & Francis Group, London, 2015, p.2279-2286. [13] Králik, J. Nonlinear Analysis of the NPP Technology Segments Integrity under Extreme Accident Loads for Mochovce 3 and 4, Project 3&4 Unit NPP Mochovce Completion , site: Nuclear Island, No. PNM3406345602, Bratislava, 2015. [14] Krejsa, M. Probabilistic failure

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Non–Linear Analysis of Slender Masonry Beam


This paper deals with numerical analysis and design of slander prismatic masonry beams loaded predominantly by axial force and bending moment in plane of the principal moment of inertia. Because of the material non-linearity, classical mathematical theory of slender columns cannot be applied for masonry elements, therefore the proposed method uses iterative non–linear calculation considering both material and geometrical non–linearity.

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Nonlinear Vibrations of Orthogonal Mechanism of Shaking Table

References Alifov A.A. and Frolov K.V. (1985): Interaction of Non-Linear Oscillation Systems with Sources of Energy. - Moscow: Nauka. Arakelian V. and Daham M. (2001): Partial shaking moment balancing of fully force-balanced linkage. - Mechanism and Machine Theory, vol.8, No.36, pp.1241-1252. Azbel G.G., Blekhman N.I., Bykhovskiy I.I. and others (1981): Vibration processes and machines. - Volume 4, edition of E.E. Levendel, Vibrations in Technique (guide), Moscow, Mechanic Engineering. Baksys B

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A note on strongly nonlinear parabolic variational inequalities

Fatou’s lemma, and then allowing ℓ → ∞, we obtain ( 17 ) and consequently, ( 2 ) follows. Communicated by Elbaz I. Abouelmagd References [1] H. Brezis and F. E. Browder, (1979), Strongly nonlinear parabolic initial-boundary value problems , Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 76, No 1, 38-40. Brezis H. Browder F. E. 1979 Strongly nonlinear parabolic initial-boundary value problems Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 76 No 1 38 40 [2] F. E. Browder and H

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Experimental verification of the linear and non-linear versions of a panel code

regular waves. Proceedings of the 2nd Chesapeake Power Boat Symposium, Annapolis Maryland, USA. Guevel, P. and Bougis, J.,1982. Ship motions with forward speed in infinite depth. Intlernational Shipbuilding Progress, 29(332), p.103. Huang, Y., 1997. Non-Linear Ship Motions by a Rankine Panel Method. Ph.D. Thesis, MIT, Cambridge, MA. Katsikis, C., 2009. Seakeeping computations for ships using a non-linear code. Diploma Thesis, NTUA, Athens, Greece. Kim, K.-H. and Kim, Y., 2009. Time-domain analysis of

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Frictional Heating During Sliding of two Semi-Spaces with Arbitrary Thermal Nonlinearity

Politechniki Białostockiej, Białystok (in Polish). 15. Kushnir R. M., Popovych V. S. (2011), Heat conduction problems of thermosensitive solids under complex heat exchange, Heat conduction - Basic Research, V. Vikhrenko Ed., In Tech, Croatia, 131-154. 16. Nosko A. L., Belyakov N. S., Nosko A. P. (2009), Application of the generalized boundary condition to solving thermal friction problems, J. Frict. Wear, Vol. 30, 615-625. 17. Och E. (2013), Frictional Heating During Sliding of Two Semi-Spaces with Simple Thermal Nonlinearities

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Applied mathematics and nonlinear sciences in the war on cancer

may benefit from the use of mathematical ideas [ 27 , 29 – 31 ]. The first textbooks treating mathematical oncology as a unified subject are appearing [ 22 , 32 ] suggesting a maturing of the field. Furthermore, a search in the Web of Science database provides more than 6000 results for “mathematical model” and “cancer” (including statistical models); 537 results for “cancer” and “differential equation” and 912 on “cancer” and “mathematics”. Thus, on the basis of such a large number of results, one would expect applied mathematics and nonlinear sciences to

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Optimization of the High Nonlinear S-Boxes Generation Method

.-ISAYEV S. A.: The research of differential properties of block symmetric, Inform. Process. Syst. 6 (2010), 286-294. (In Russian) [5] OLIYNYKOV, R.-KAZYMYROV, O.: An impact of S-box Boolean function properties to strength of modern symmetric block ciphers, Radio Engineering 166 (2011), 11-17. [6] KAZYMYROV, O. V.: Methods and Techniques of Generation of Nonlinear Substitutions for Symmetric Encryption Algorithms. The thesis for the scholarly degree of candidate of technical sciences, speciality 05.13.21-Information security systems, Kharkiv

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Global Attractor for Nonlinear Wave Equations with Critical Exponent on Unbounded Domain

1 Introduction In this paper, we study the asymptotic behavior of solutions of a damped semilinear wave equation with nonlinearity of a critical growth exponent over the Euclidean space ℝ n of arbitrary dimension n ≥ 3, u t t − Δ u + β u t + f ( x , u ) + α u = g ( x ) $$\begin{array}{} \displaystyle u_{tt} -\Delta u + \beta u_t +f(x, u)+\alpha u = g(x) \end{array}$$ (1) for t ≥ 0, with the initial condition u ( x , 0 ) = u 0 ( x ) ,         u t ( x , 0 ) = u 1 ( x ) , $$\begin{array}{} \displaystyle u(x, 0)=u_{0}(x), \ \ \ \ u

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