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Nomenclatural Notes on Pterogonium (Bryophyta, Leucodontaceae)

-Neill J. 1994. International Code of Botanical Nomenclature (Tokyo Code) adopted by the Fifteenth International Botanical Congress, Yokohama, August-September 1993. Regnum Vegetabile 131. Koeltz Scientific Books, Königstein. Greuter W., McNeill J., Barrie F. R., Burdet H. M., Demoulin V., Filgueiras T. S., Nicolson D. H., Silva P. C., Skog J. E., Trehane P., Turland N. J. & Hawksworth D. L. 2000. International Code of Botanical Nomenclature (Saint Louis Code) adopted by the Sixteenth International Botanical Congress, St Louis, Missouri, July-August 1999

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Further Nomenclatural Changes Regarding Peruvian Endemics

R eferences B eltrán H., G randa A., L eón B., S agástegui A., S ánchez I. & Z apata M. Asteraceae endémicas del Perú. Rev. Peru. Biol. 13 (2): 64s–164s. B ittrich V. 1993. Caryophyllaceae. In: K. K ubitzki , J. G. R ohwer & V. B ittrich (eds.), The Families and Genera of Vascular Plants . 2 : 206–236. Springer Verlag, Berlin. C ano A. & S ánchez I. 2007. Caryophyllaceae endémicas del Perú. Revista Peru. Biol. 13 (2): 246s–252s. D ruce G. C. 1906. On the nomenclature of British plants as affected by the law adopted by

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Nomenclatural Novelties in the Bryaceae (Bryophyta)

-326. Hedwig J. 1801. Species muscorum frondosorum descriptae et tabulis aeneis LXXVII coloratis illustratae. Sumtu Joannis Ambrosii Barthii, Parisiis, apud Amand Koenig, Lipsiae. Holyoak D. T. & Pedersen N. 2007. Conflicting molecular and morphological evidence of evolution within the Bryaceae (Bryopsida) and its implications for generic taxonomy. J. Bryol. 29: 111-124. Hornschuch F. 1822. Ptychostomum novum muscorum frondosorum genus. Flora 5: 62-64. Isoviita P. 1992. Notes on the sectional nomenclature of the Bryoideae. In

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Nomenclatural remarks to the classification of plant communities along post-fire succession

: Classification of plant communities along post-fire succession in Pinus brutia stands in southern Antalya (Turkey). Turkish Journal of Botany 41: 299-307. Weber, H. E., Moravec, J. & Theurillat, J.P. 2000: International code of phytosociological nomenclature. 3rd edition. Journal of Vegetation Science 11: 739-768.

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Nomenclature Adjustments and New Syntaxa of the Arctic, Alpine and Oro-Mediterranean Vegetation

., Kholod, S. S., Markon, C. J., Melnikov, E. S., Moskalenko, N. G., Talbot, S. S., Yurtsev, B. A. & the other members of the CAVM Team 2005: The Circumpolar Arctic vegetation map. Journal of Vegetation Science 16: 267-282. Weber, H. E., Moravec, J. & Theurillat, J.-P. 2000: International Code of Phytosociological Nomenclature. 3rd edition. Journal of Vegetation Science 11: 739-768. Yurtsev, B. A. 1994: Floristic division of the Arctic. Journal of Vegetation Science 5: 765-776.

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Dicranodontium Schwabei (Bryophyta, Dicranaceae) Revisited: Some Taxonomic and Nomenclatural Considerations

. Bull. 43: 25-47. McNeill J., Barrie F. R., Buck W. R., Demoulin V., Greuter W., Hawksworth D. L., Herendeen P. S., Knapp S., Marhold K., Prado J., Prud’homme van Reine W. F., Smith G. F., Wiersema J. H. & Turland N. J. (eds), 2012. International Code of Nomenclature for algae, fungi, and plants (Melbourne Code), adopted by the Eighteenth International Botanical Congress Melbourne, Australia, July 2011. Regnum Vegetabile 154. Koeltz Scientific Books, Königstein. Mitten G. 1869. Musci austro-americani, sive Enumeratio muscorum omnium

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On the nomenclature of fossil Aspleniopteris, Carpinicarpus, Comptonia, Comptoniphyllum and Dryandrophyllum (Myricaceae)

., MANN D.G., MARHOLD K., NAGAMASU H., NICOLSON N., PATON A., PATTERSON D.J., PRICE M.J., PRUD’HOMME VAN REINE W.F., SCHNEIDER C.W., SENNIKOV A., SMITH G.F., STEVENS P.F., YANG Z.-L., ZHANG X.-C. & ZUCCARELLO G.C. 2016b. (276–279) Proposals to provide for registration of new names and nomenclatural acts. Taxon, 65: 656–658. BERRY E.W. 1906. Living and fossil species of Comptonia. Amer. Naturalist, 40: 485–520. BOULAY N. 1899. Flore fossile de Gergovie. Ann. Soc. Sci. Bruxelles, 23(Pt. 2): 55–132. BRONGNIART A.T. 1823. Énumération des végétaux fossiles

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Fuhrmanolepis beskydensis n.sp. (Cestoda: Dilepididae) from woodcock Scolopax rusticola L.(Aves, Charadriformes) in Slovakia with comments on sytematics and nomenclature of the genus Fuhrmanolepis Spassky et Spasskaya, 1965


Fuhrmanolepis beskydensis n.sp. from woodcock, Scolopax rusticola L. in Slovakia is described based upon light microscope observation. The medium sized species possess a single crown of 21‘diorchid’ (wrench-shaped) hooks, 28–30 μm long. Irregularly alternating genital pores were combined with abnormal multiple shifting of pores within the lateral margins of strobila. Number of testes 18–25. Cirrus-sac and evaginated cirrus are 115–135 × 7–12 and 26 × 6–11 μm, respectively. The species is differentiated from closely related congeneric taxons and some other morphologically similar dilepidids. An attention is being paid to taxonomy and nomenclature of Fuhrma n olepis Spassky et Spaskaja, 1965 regarding an emendation of mentioned genus to Fuhrma nn olepis by Bona (1994a) and modification of its diagnosis.

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Nomenclatural notes on some annual mallows (Malvaceae)

., 2014b: (2261) Proposal to reject the name Lavatera micans ( Malva micans ) ( Malvaceae ). Taxon 63, 191. Iamonico, D., 2016: Nomenclatural notes and morphological observations on Malva subovata s.l. (Malvaceae). Phytotaxa 275, 23–34. Iamonico, D., Peruzzi, L., 2014: Typification of Linnaean names in Malvaceae for the Italian Flora. Taxon 63, 161−166. Iamonico, D., Bartolucci, F., Peruzzi, L., 2015: “ Malva stenopetala (Coss. and Durieu ex Batt.) Soldano, Banfi and Galasso subsp. plazzae (Atzei) Iamonico, Bartolucci and Peruzzi comb. nov

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New names of Typha of Northern Eurasia (Typhaceae)

., SMITH G.F., STEVENS P.F., YANG Z.-L., ZHANG X.-C. & ZUCCARELLO G.C. 2016b. (276–279) Proposals to provide for registration of new names and nomenclatural acts. Taxon, 65: 656–658. BRUCKMANN A.E. 1849. Flora oeningensis fossilis. Die oeninger Steinbrüche, das Sammeln in denselben und die bis jetzt dort gefundenen Pflanzenreste. Jahresh. Vereins Vaterl. Naturk. Württemberg, 5: 215–238. CHANDLER M.E.J. 1963. Revision of the Oligocene Floras of the Isle of Wight. Bull. Brit. Mus. (Nat. Hist.), Geol., London, 6: 321–384. COLLINSON M.E. 1983

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