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Analysis of Fake News phenomena – mainly looking for an answer where are the Fake News sources and who is responsible for their effects - psycho and social aspects of fake news mechanism. Additionally, focusing on evolution of its definition and their taxonomy. At the end, fake news are analyzed as a 21st century biggest thread of new media and looked for the lasts trends in counteracting.

New Technologies for Sustainable Teaching and Learning: A Case Study from Slovenia on Diminishing Student Workload and Increasing Motivation Through ICT

If education is to become culturally appropriate and improve environmental, societal and economic conditions, it needs to consider that current cultural development across the globe is increasingly connected with the use of new information and communication technologies. A close analysis of a blended higher vocational education course design and its two annual implementation cycles in different schools shows that careful introduction of information and communication technologies can have a positive impact in an educational context from the perspective of sustainability; new-media affirmative teaching and learning methods can increase both the hour-per-credit value of a course and student satisfaction. Current discussions about time management and student workload as well as a symptomatic local situation concerning sustainability issues in Slovenian education show that integrating information and communication technologies into models and practices of sustainability should not only remain a profoundly disputed topic within reflections about sustainability in education, but also become an important practical method for achieving its goals.

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Wirtschaftsstrukturen versuchen Gebietskörperschaften und regionale Zusammenschlüsse sich stärker zu profilieren. Dies findet Ausdruck in einer Fülle regionaler Wirtschaftsinitiativen, Imagekampagnen, Regionalmarketing und regionalen Förderprogrammen. Auch für den IKT-Bereich haben viele Bundesländer eigene Förderprogramme aufgelegt. Zurn Beispiel Bayern-Online, media nrw, medi@ in Baden-Wiirttemberg, BIS 2006 in Brandenburg oder newmedia in Hamburg. Eine internationale Übersicht entsprechender Programme bietet das Information Society Project Office (ISPO) unter http