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A new subgenus Podorhynchus subgen. n. (type species Otiorhynchus cylindricus STIERLIN, 1877) of the genus Otiorhynchus, until now confused with Podonebistus REITTER, 1912, is described. Otiorhynchus (Podonebistus) trichopterus sp. n. from Crete, Otiorhynchus granicus sp. n. from Turkey and O. idhaeus sp. n. from Crete (both species in the subgenus Choilisanus REITTER, 1912) are described. Otiorhynchus cylindricus STIERLIN, 1877, O. fortiscapus ARNOLDI, 1972, O. glolae ARNOLDI, 1972, O. korotyaevi DAVIDIAN & GÜLTEKIN, 2006, and O. ritsae ARNOLDI, 1972, all currently placed in the subgenus Podonebistus are transferred to the newly erected subgenus Podorhynchus


Pyrgotid Flies assigned to Apyrgota. I. New Species and Synonyms in Eupyrgota (s. str.) (Diptera, Pyrgotidae), with Description of a New Subgenus. Korneyev, V. A. - Eupyrgota scioida Hendel, 1908, the type species of the genus Apyrgota Hendel, 1909, syn. n. is shown to belong in Eupyrgota Coquillett, 1899. Th e diagnoses of the genus Eupyrgota and the subgenus Eupyrgota (s. str.) are reconsidered. E. alienata (Walker, 1861) comb. n., E. brahma (Hendel, 1914), comb. n., E. aequalis (Malloch, 1939), comb. n., E. angustifrons (Bezzi, 1914), comb. n., and E. armipes (Hendel, 1914), comb. n. are transferred into Eupyrgota (s. str.). Th e following synonymy is established: Eupyrgota Coquillett, 1899 = Apyrgota Hendel, 1909, syn. n.; E. alienata (Walker, 1861) = E. scioida Hendel, 1908, syn. n.; and E. brahma (Hendel, 1914) = Adapsilia nocturna Bezzi, 1914, syn. n. E. nyambene V. Korneyev, sp. n. is described based on a single female from Kenya; the new species belongs in the varipennis subgroup, but diff ers from other species by having a slender fore femur (thickened in E. varipennis Curran) and the mid femur with a femoral organ (absent in E. rugosigenis Hendel). A monotypic subgenus Asipyrgota subgen. n. (type species: Adapsilia flaviseta Malloch, 1929) is established; it shares the presence of the nipple-like processes of the prosternum, a generally robust appearance, and presence of 3 pairs of scutellar setae with members of the subgenus Eupyrgota s. str., diff ering by the absence of paired ventro-apical hooks on the oviscape.


Selected type and non-type material belonging to the genus Orthocladius van der Wulp, 1874 (Diptera: Chironomidae) sensu GOETGHEBUER (1940-1950), deposited in the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (RBINS), originally comprising specimens dry pinned or stored in isinglass, were mounted on microscope slides and re-examined. Other chironomids present in the RBINS collection belonging to other genera were also examined. Fifty slides were prepared and identified to species, or to generic level when the condition of the specimens did not allow species identification. The following types, representing taxa formerly considered as nomina dubia, were examined and the concerned species are stated here as valid: Georthocladius collarti (Goetghebuer, 1941) comb. nov., Georthocladius scaturiginis (Goetghebuer, 1940) comb. nov., Lapposmittia succinea (Goetghebuer, 1942) comb. nov., Orthocladius (Euorthocladius) tolleti Goetghebuer, 1944 (new subgenus placement), Orthocladius (Orthocladius) timoni Goetghebuer & Timon-David, 1939, Pseudorthocladius hockaiensis (Goetghebuer, 1933). Orthocladius (Orthocladius) mitisi Goetghebuer, 1938, previously stated as junior synonym of Orthocladius (Orthocladius) glabripennis (Goetghebuer, 1921), is reinstated as valid species. The following new synonyms are proposed: Georthocladius (Georthocladius) collarti = Parachaetocladius retezati Albu, 1972: 19, syn. nov.; Cricotopus (Paratrichocladius) rufiventris (Meigen, 1830) = Orthocladius franzi Goetghebuer, 1949, syn. nov.; Cricotopus (Paratrichocladius) skirwithensis Edwards, 1929 = Orthocladius nigritus Goetghebuer, 1938, syn. nov. = Paratrichocladius spiesi Ashe & O’Connor, 2012; Hydrobaenus distylus (Potthast, 1914) = Orthocladius antennalis Goetghebuer, 1944, syn. nov. Lectotypes of Orthocladius collarti Goetghebuer, 1941, Orthocladius antennalis Goetghebuer, 1944, Orthocladius timoni Goetghebuer & Timon-David, 1939, and Orthocladius hockaiensis Goetghebuer, 1933 are designated. Non-type material assigned to Orthocladius was also mounted on slides and identified. Although a list of the non-Orthocladius taxa is also provided, no taxonomic changes are proposed for the latter.

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