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The subgenera Eunihoides subgen. n. (type species O. echinopterus sp. n.), and Nubidanops subgen. n. (type species Otiorhynchus tumidicollis Stierlin, 1861) in the genus Otiorhynchus Germar, 1822 are newly described. The following species of Otiorhynchus Germar, 1822 are described: echinopterus sp. n., rhizophilus sp. n. and agilis sp. n. from south-western Turkey (subgenus Eunihoides subgen. n.); brevipilosus sp. n. from Turkey (subgenus Pocodalemes); nigrosetosus sp. n., flavosetosus sp. n., lacunosus sp. n., adopertus sp. n., implicatus sp. n. and sculptipterus sp. n. from Turkey (subgenus Tecutinus ); forficulatus sp. n. and amplicornis sp. n. from south-western Turkey; crocotillus sp. n. from Greece (subgenus Fondajenus ); crassiphallicus sp. n. from northern Turkey (subgenus Otismotilus ); agmentosus sp. n., armentalis sp. n., cappadocicus sp. n., crepuscularis sp. n., hebetes sp. n., malinkai sp. n., porculus sp. n., vavrai sp. n. and wanati sp. n. (all from Turkey, subgenus Odelengus); spectativus sp. n. from Turkey (subgenus Aequipennis); anabolicus sp. n. and pulcher Białooki & Fremuth sp. n. from Turkey (subgenus Pterygodontus); rhinorostris sp. n. and curiosus sp. n. from Greece (subgenus Podonebistus); microcornis sp. n. from Turkey (subgenus Arnoldinus ). Otiorhynchus (Eunihus) pisidicus () is hereby transferred to Otiorhynchus (Eunihoides subgen. n.), Otiorhynchus tumidicollis Stierlin, 1861 from Otiorhynchus incertae sedis and Otiorhynchus (Nubidanus) torosicus to the subgenus O. (Nubidanops subgen. n.); all are new subgeneric placements.

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