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Prebreeding research on Malus domestica Borkh. specimens was conducted to broaden the genetic diversity of cross breeding components for faster creation of cultivars of adaptive and technological orientation. Genealogical analysis has practical value in the study of the apple trees gene pool for accelerated development of cultivars with desired properties. Genealogical analysis of 55 apple cultivars from the gene pool of branch of the Department of Horticulture of Kuban State Agrarian University - Krymsk Experimental breeding station (Krymsk), complex donors were selected by traits of immunity to scab and high quality of fruits - ‘Gold Rush’, ‘Pristine’, ‘Enterprise’. Cultivar ‘Golden Delicious’ was selected as a “hidden” donor by the trait of medium (autumn) ripening time.

PB 12 Open Access Avraham Siluk Abstract Viewing Christian Pietism as an influential context for Isaac Wetzlar’s Libes briv raises some questions regarding the acquaintance of the Jewish author of this booklet with this religious movement of awakening. This article will give an answer to this question by illuminating the role Pietism and its ideas have played in the environment where Wetzlar lived, worked and wrote. Using new source material, I will show the many points of interaction Wetzlar has had with Pietism as well as his encounters with Pietists, which

gardening journals.99 This finding suggests that the link between the pesticide business and the state expert advisors and testers in Sweden obviously needs more research and also new source material. Now, a so far open question concerns the effect of the new pesticide regulations that Sweden implemented in October 1953 as a result of the government initiative in 1950. These new regulations were worked out in detail as part of a Nordic cooperation in the field, where the national pesticide authorities in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland shared their views and