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, Ser. B 41: 59-64. Boucher S. (2004): The New World fauna of the genus Pseudonapomyza (Diptera: Agromyzidae). – The Canadian Entomologist 136: 781-791. Çıkman E. & Sasakawa M. (2006): Two new records for the Turkish Agromyzidae (Diptera) fauna. – Türkiye Entomoloji Dergisi 30(4): 255-260. Çıkman E. & Sasakawa M. (2011): Contributions to the Agromyzidae (Diptera) fauna of Turkey. – Turkish Journal of Zoology 35(1): 71-78 Civelek H.S. (2003): Checklist of Agromyzidae (Diptera) of Turkey, with a New Record. – Phytoparasitica 31(2): 132-138. Civelek H.S., Çıkman E


This study was carried out to identify the Tachinidae fauna in northern Iran during 2010-2011 and ten species belonging to nine genera and two tribes of the subfamily Dexiinae were found. The species Estheria petiolata, Periscepsia spathulata, Stomina caliendrata and Thelaira nigripes are new records for the Iranian tachinid fauna.

DOĞAN S. 2012: Three new mite species of the genus Mediolata CANESTRINI (Acari, Stigmaeidae) from Turkey and redescription of Mediolata granaria GONZALEZ-RODRIGUEZ. J. Nat. Hist., 46: 683-699. DOĞAN S., RAHMDELI A., JALAEIAN M., DÖNEL G. and SEVSAY S. 2012: Three new records of raphignathoid mites (Acari, Raphignathoidea) from Iran. Turk. J. Zool., 36: 719-720. DÖNEL G., ÖZÇELIK S. and DOĞAN S. 2011: Eustigmaeus rhodomela'nýn (KOCH) (Acari: Raphignathoidea: Stigmaeidae) geliþim evreleri ve yapýsal özelliklerinin incelenmesi. EÜFBED-Fen Bil Enst Derg., 4: 47-58. FAN Q

New Records of Tortricid Moths (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae) from Ukraine

Five species of tortricid moths of the tribe Grapholitini are recorded from Ukraine for the first time: Cydia oxytropidis (Martini, 1912); Pammene ignorata Kuznetzov, 1968; Dichrorampha teichiana Šulcs et Kerppola, 1997; Dichrorampha sylvicolana Heinemann, 1863 and Dichrorampha baixerasana Trematerra, 1991. Most of these species were collected in north-eastern regions of Ukraine.

, 35. - Journal of bryology 35: 129−139. Hejný S. & Slavík B. (1997): Květena České republiky I., 2. vyd., Academia, Praha, 557 pp. Kučer a J., Váňa J. & Hradílek Z. (2012): Bryophyte flora of the Czech Republic: update of the checklist and Red List and a brief analysis. - Preslia 84: 813−850. Plášek V. & Benešová H. (2012): New records of recently described moss Orthotrichum affine var. bohemicum Plášek & Sawicki in western Bohemia (Czech Republic). - Čas. Slez. Muz. Opava (A) 62: 151−154. Plášek V. & Sawicki J. (2012): Validation of a new moss variety

(Diptera) of the Czech and Slovak Republics: faunistics and notes on biology and behaviour. – Čas. Slez. Muz. Opava (A) 44: 123-140. – (2004): New records of Clusiidae, Anthomyzidae and Sphaeroceridae (Diptera) from Cyprus, with distributional and taxonomic notes. In Kubík Š. & Barták M. (eds): Dipterologica bohemoslovaca 11. – Folia Fac. Sci. Nat. Univ. Masaryk. Brun., Biol. 109: 247-264. – (2013): The fauna of Acalyptrate families Micropezidae, Psilidae, Clusiidae, Acartophthalmidae, Anthomyzidae, Aulacigastridae, Periscelididae and Asteiidae (Diptera) in the Gemer

New Species and New Records of Mites of the Genus Pediculaster (Acari, Heterostigmata, Pygmephoridae) from Ukraine

A new species Pediculaster dudinskyi Khaustov, sp. n. is described from Transcarpatian region of Ukraine. Pediculaster hungaricus Mahunka et Zaki, 1982 and P. rugosus Mahunka, 1973 are recorded from Ukraine for the first time.


Four new species of Canthysellus Baca & Toledo, 2015, C. kukrutkato sp. nov., C. putkarot sp. nov., C. omawe sp. nov. and C. yawari sp. nov., from the Brazilian states of Amazonas and Pará are described and illustrated. The new species can be recognized from all other members of the genus by their distinct aedeagal features; Canthysellus omawe sp. nov. and C. yawari sp. nov. differ furthermore from all other members of the genus by their distinct dorsal surface punctation and glabrous prosternal process. A geographic distribution map and a key to all known species of Canthysellus are provided. In addition, new records from Brazil are provided for C. buqueti (Laporte, 1835) from the states of Minas Gerais and Pará.


The genus Xistrella Bolívar, 1909 (Orthoptera: Tetrigidae) is taxonomically reviewed. It can be easily recognised from other genera in SE Asia, and especially in the People’s Republic of China. It is distinctive by antennae inserted below the inferior margin of eye and considerably long; pronotum between the shoulders strongly elevated to obtuse gibbosity or slightly elevated in the posterior part of shoulders. This genus is distributed mainly in China, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Nepal, Malaysia, and the Philippines. One new species, X. hainanensis Deng sp. nov. (China: Hainan), is described, and a new record of X. dubia (Brunner von Wattenwyl, 1893) from China is given. An annotated identification key to all species of the genus Xistrella is provided.

The Fruit Flies (Diptera, Tephritidae) in Tehran Province, with New Records for Iranian Fauna

As the result of studies of the tephritid flies in Tehran Province (Iran) in 2008-2009, 38 species of 22 genera are found to occur in this region; altogether 47 species are listed; of them, 9 species and 2 genera (Chetostoma and Xyphosia) are recorded for the first time for Iranian fauna. In addition, Steptorrhamphus tuberosus is reported as a new host plant for Ensina sonchi.