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Tension Between Everyday Practice and the New Museology Theory: A Case of the National Gallery of Art in Vilnius

]. Dailė (No. 2, 2010): 8-9. Keršytė, Nastazija. “Nacionalinis tapatumas ir nacionalinių muziejų situacija. Muziejų politikos problemos” [National Identity and National Museum Situation. Museum Politics]. Liaudies kultūra (No. 5, 2012): 20-29. Keršytė, Nastazija. “Muzeologija Lietuvos mokslo kontekste” [Museology in Lithuanian Research Context]. Knygotyra (No. 40, 2003): 10-23. McCall, Vicky and Gray, Clive. “Museums and the ‘new museology’: theory, practice and organisational change”. Museum Management and Curatorship (T

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Curators With and Without Collections : A Comparative Study of Changes in the Curator’s Work at National Museums in Finland and in the Baltic States

Entsüklopeediakirjastus, 15-39. LIMIS homepage = Lithuanian Integral Museum Information System / Lietuvos integrali muziejų informacinė sistema. (accessed August 19, 2018). Lotina, Linda. 2016. Conceptualizing Engagement Modes: Understanding Museum-Audience Relationships in Latvian Museums. Dissertationes de mediis et communicationibus Universitatis Tartuensis 26. Tartu: University of Tartu Press. McCall, Vikki and Clive Gray. 2014. Museums and the ‘new museology’: theory, practice and organisational change. - Museum

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Cultural Events as a Method for Creating a New Future for Museums

, Tourism Management , 52, pp. 593-631. G oldblatt J., 2002, Global event special events: Twenty first century management , John Wiley & Sons Inc., New York, pp. 459; ISBN 0-471-39687-7. G reffe X., K rebs A., P flieger S., 2017, The future of the museum in the twenty-first century: recent clues from France, Museum Management and Curatorship , 32 (40), pp. 319-334. H eijnen W., 2010, The new professional: Underdog or Expert? New Museology in the 21 th century, Sociomuseology , 3 (37), pp. 13-23. H ölling H.B., 2017, Lost to museums

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