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makes use of data related to scientific activities to help the development of the sciences, and for that purpose, we need a framework to represent relational data and to answer the questions that are potentially helpful to the development of other sciences. We claim that this framework is a network. Of course, we notice that many other scientometric studies have already looked into regularities or laws of various scientific activities aiming to help the development of other sciences and also scientometrics as a science, rather than directly working towards evaluation

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1 Introduction Complex network theory has become an important paradigm to interpret problems in computer science, sociology, biology and many other areas. The research of complex network theory focused on aspects of the general features of network topology, topology generation mechanism, the network dynamics, and has achieved fruitful results. In recent years, peer to peer network (Peer-to-Peer, P2P) itself and its network environment both showed explosive complex growth, traditional ideas, techniques and methods for constructing P2P system are facing serious

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