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Stomach Nematodes of Wild Ducks (Subfamily Anatinae) Wintering in the North-Western Poland

References 1. Ali M.M.: Observations on trichostrongylid worms from Indian birds, including a description of two new species. Rivista Parassitol 1971, 32 , 89-99. 2. Ali M.M.: A review and revision of the subfamily Epomidiostomatinae Skrjabin et Schulz, 1937. Rivista Parassitol 1971, 32 , 179-192. 3. Anderson R.C.: Nematode parasites of vertebrates. Their Development and Transmission. CABI Publishing, Wallingford, UK, 2000. 4. Atkinson C.T., Thomas N.J., Hunter D.B.: Parasitic

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Helminths of Wild Predatory Mammals of Ukraine. Nematodes

References Abelentsev, V. I. 1968. Fauna of Ukraine. Mustelids. Naukova Dumka, Kyiv, 1-280 [In Ukrainian]. Akimov, I. A., Didyk J. M. 2009. Using of morphological characters of Trichinella capsules (Nematoda, Trichinellidae) for species identifi cation. Vestnik Zoologii, suppl. 29, 12-16. Anderson, R. C. 2000. Nematode Parasites of Vertebrates: Th eir Development and Transmission. CABI Publishing, Wallingford, UK, 1-672. Andreiko, O. F. 1973. Animal Parasites in Moldova. Shtiintsa, Kishinev, 1

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Abundance and diversity of soil nematodes as influenced by different types of organic manure

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On gastrointestinal nematodes of Mongolian gazelle (Procapra gutturosa)

[1] Akbaev, M. Sh., Vodyanov, A. A., Kosminkov, N. E., Yatusevitch, A. I., Pashkin, P. I., Vasylevitch, F. I. (1998): Parasitology and invasive diseases of animals. Moscow, Russia, Pub. House Kolos, 744 pp. [2] Becklund, W. W., Walker, M. L. (1967): Redescription of the nematodes Ostertagia bisonis Chapin, 1925, of cattle and wild animals, and Ostertagia mossi Dikmans, 1931, of deer. J. Parasitol., 53(6): 1273–1280 [3] Boev, S. N., Sokolova, I. B., Panin

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Parasitic nematodes of anseriform birds in Hokkaido, Japan

:// [6] Breza, M. (1958): Finding of Streptocara pectinifera (Newmann, 1900) nematode in č SR. Slov. vet. čas., 7: 187–190 (In Slovak). [7] Fox, J. G., Snyder, S. B., Schmidt, G. D., Campbell, L. H. (1974): Infection with the nematode Streptocara incognita in the Chilean flamingo. J. Wildl. Dis., 10: 66–69 [8] Friend, M., Franson, J. C. (1999): Field Manual of Wildlife Diseases. USGS, Washington D. C., USA [9] Griffiths, G. L., Hopkins, D

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The influence of Western corn rootworm seed coating and granular insecticides on the seasonal fluctuations of soil nematode communities in a maize field

[1] Berkelmans, R., Ferris, H., Tenuta, M., Van Bruggen, A. H. C. (2003): Effects of long-term crop management on nematode trophic levels other than plant feeders disappear after 1 year of disruptive soil management. Appl. Soil Ecol., 23(3): 223–235. DOI: 10.1016/S0929-1393(03)00047-7 [2] Bernard, E. C., Handoo, Z. A., Powers, T. O., Donald, P. A., Heinz, R. D. (2010): Vittatidera zeaphila (Nematoda Heteroderidae), a new genus and species of cyst nematode parasitic

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The Effect of Dreissena polymorpha on Bacterioplankton, Nematode Fauna and their Relations to Environmental Factors in Ogosta Reservoir (Danube Basin)

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Biology and Use of Entomopathogenic Nematodes in Insect Pests Biocontrol, A Generic View

REFERENCES Adams, B.J., & Nguyen, K.B. (2002). Taxonomy and systematics. In: Entomopathogenic nematology, Gaugler A. Ed. CABI Publishing, Wallingford: UK, 1-33. Alves, S.B., Moino, A. Jr., & Almeida, J.E.M. (1998). Produtos fitossanitários e entomopatógenos. In: Controle Microbiano de Insetos , Alves S.B. Ed., 2ª ed. FEALQ, Piracicaba, 217-238. Arthurs, S., Heinz, K.M., & Prasifka, J.R. (2004). An analysis of using entomopathogenic nematodes against above-ground pests. Bull.Entomol. Res. , 94:297-306. Bale, J.S., van Lenteren J

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SSR data mined from expressed sequence tags of phytoparasitic nematodes

. J., Blaxter, M., Bleve-Zacheo, T., Davis, E. L., Ewbank, J. J., Favery, B., Grenier, E., Henrissat, B., Jones, J. T., Laudet, V., Maule, A. G., Quesneville, H., Rosso, M. N., Schiex, T., Smant, G., Weissenbach, J. Wincker, P. (2008): Genome sequence of the metazoan plant-parasitic nematode Meloidogyne incognita. Nat. Biotechnol., 26(8): 909–915. DOI: 10.1038/nbt.1482 [2] Aggarwal, R. K., Hendre, P. S., Varshney, R. K., Bhat, P. R., Krishnakumar, V. Singh, L. (2007): Identification, characterization and

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Nematode parasites of the characid fish Brycon hilarii from the River Juba, Mato Grosso, Brazil

[1] Britski, H. A., Silimon, K. Z., Lopes, B. S. (1999): Peixes do Pantanal. Manual de identificação. Embrapa-SPI, Brasilia [2] Bush, A. O., Lafferty, K. D., Lotz, J. M., Shostak, A. W. (1997): Parasitology meets ecology on its own terms: Margolis et al. revised. J. Parasitol., 83: 575–583 [3] Caspeta-Mandujano, J. M. (2005): Nematode parasites of freshwater fish in Mexico: Key to species, descriptions and distribution. Universidade Autónoma del Estado

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