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The Satellite Systems Applications to Automate Navigation in the Coastal Zone

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Understanding of Navigational Information Systems

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Synergetic Concept of Algorithms Autonomous Inertial Navigation Systems

References [1] Yakushin S. M., Novel Method for Autonomous Initial Alignment of Strapdown Inertial Navigation System on Moving Base, The European Navigation Conference on Global Navigation Satellite Systems, Braunschweig, Germany, 2010.

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Simulation Analysis of ECDIS’ Route Exchange Funcionality Impact on Navigation Safety

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Inertial Navigation Position and Orientation Estimation with Occasional Galileo Satellite Position Fixes and Stereo Camera Measurements

/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics, 2000, Vol. 5, No. 1. [11] Kim J., Sukkarieh S., Autonomous airborne navigation in unknown terrain environments, IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems, 2004, 40(3), pp. 1031-1045. [12] Langelaan J. W., State Estimation for Autonomous Flight in Cluttered Environments, PhD thesis, Stanford University, Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 2006, [13] Malis E., Vision-based control invariant to camera intrinsic parameters: stability analysis and path tracking, IEEE International

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Cartographical Aspects in the Design of Indoor Navigation Systems

References [1] Giorgetti G., Farley R., Chikkappa K., Ellis J., Kaleas T., Cortina: Collaborative Indoor Positioning Using Low-Power Sensor Networks, International Conference on Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation, Guimarăes, Portugal, 2011. [2] Gotlib D., Methodology of cartographic presentation in mobile positioning and navigation systems (in Polish), Prace Naukowe Politechniki Warszawskiej, Geodezja, 2011, No. 48. [3] Gotlib D., Development of cartographic presentation methods in mobile systems

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The Use of Magnetic Field and Magnetometers in Supporting the Air Navigation

REFERENCES [1] EASA No. 01/2005, The acceptance of navigation database suppliers, dated 14 JAN 2005 or equivalent (FAA AS 20-153). [2] Ogórek I., Benchmarking the radar route of the aircraft on the background of visualisation through the satellite navigation receiver (in Polish), Diploma Thesis, PAFA, Dęblin 2013. [3] Ogórek I., The analysis of the accuracy of the aircraft positioning during the landing approach (in Polish), Diploma Thesis, PAFA, Dęblin 2014. [4] Shockley J. A., Raquet J. F., Navigation of ground vehicles using magnetic

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Seamless Navigation in GPS-denied environment using Lirhot’s Real time North finding sensor

R eferences [1] S. Vorovitchik, “Apparatus and method for navigation”, US patent number US20120175496A1, 2009-09-22 [2] Roy Malkin “Understanding the Accuracy of Astro Navigation”, Navigation Instructor, Navigation Training Unit HMS Collingwood, THE JOURNAL OF NAVIGATION (2014),67,63–81 [3] C. Frohlich and Glenn E. Shaw “New determination of Rayleigh scattering in the terrestrial atmosphere” in Applied Optics 19(11):1773-5 · June 1980 with 36 [4] K. J. Voss and Y. Liu, “Polarized radiance distribution measurements of skylight. I. System

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Low-Cost Navigation and Guidance Systems for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles — Part 1: Vision-Based and Integrated Sensors

References [1] Blanc G., Mezouar Y., Martinet P., Indoor navigation of a wheeled mobile robot along visual routes, Proceeding of International Conference of Robotics & Automation, 2005, pp. 3354-3359. [2] CAA Safety Regulation Group Paper 2003/09, GPS Integrity and Potential Impact on Aviation Safety, 2003. [3] Chen Z., Birchfield S. T., Qualitative Vision-Based path following, IEEE Trans. on Robotics, June 2009, Vol. 25, issue 3, pp. 749-754. [4] Courbon J., Mezouar Y., Guenard N

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Application of Discrete Cross-Correlation Function for Observational-Comparative Navigation System

REFERENCES [1] Datasheet: Discovery kit for STM32F303 line, STMicroelectronics. [2] Datasheet: HC-SR04 User Guide, Marlin P. Jones & Assoc. Inc. [3] Grzywacz W., The system of the terrestrial comparative navigation using the digital camera installed on the aerial platform [in Polish], WAT, Warsaw 2016, pp. 20–60. [4] Łabowski M., Kaniewski P., Konatowski S., Estimation of Flight Path Deviations for Radar Installed on UAV, ‘Metrology and Measurement Systems’, 2016, Vol. 23, No. 3, pp. 383–391. [5] Narkiewicz J., The bases of

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