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The unobserved economy and the Dutch national accounts after the benchmark revision 2015

1 Introduction The national accounts provide a quantitative description of the economic development of a country. The information required for the compilation of the national accounts is obtained from a wide variety of sources. Changes in data sources and the availability of new data sources can lead to new insights in the level and growth rates of important economic indicators in the national accounts. New sources, new insights, new definitions of variables in the national accounts and new estimate and data collection techniques necessitate occasional

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Micro- and Macrodata: a Comparison of the Household Finance and Consumption Survey with Financial Accounts in Austria

.” Luxembourg Wealth Study Working Paper Series 1. Available at: (accessed 16 April 2015). Stiglitz, J.E., A. Sen, and J.-P. Fitoussi. 2009. “Report by the Commission on the Measurement of Economic Performance and Social Progress.” CMEPSP. Available at: (accessed 16 April 2015). Törmälehto, V.-M. 2011. “Comparing National Accounts Income Aggregates with Income Aggregates based on LIS Micro-Data.” LIS Technical Working Paper Series 2

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Quarterly Regional GDP Flash Estimates by Means of Benchmarking and Chain Linking

.es/handle/10016/20332#preview (accessed October 2015). Álvarez, F. 1989. “Base Estadística en España de la Contabilidad Nacional Trimestral.” Revista Española de Economía 6: 59–84. Álvarez, R. 2005. “Notas Sobre Fuentes Estadísticas.” In Servicio de Estudios del Banco de España, El análisis de la economía española , Alianza Editorial, Madrid, Spain. Bloem, A.M., R.J. Dippelsman, and N.O. Mæhle. 2001. Quarterly National Accounts Manual. Concepts, Data Sources, and Compilation . International Monetary Fund. Available at: https

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Factor Structural Time Series Models for Official Statistics with an Application to Hours Worked in Germany

Methods: Second Edition. Oxford: Oxford Statistical Science Series. Durbin, J. and B. Quenneville. 1997. “Benchmarking by State Space Models.” International Statistical Review 65(1): 23-48. Doi: Eickmeier, S. 2009. “Co-Movements and Heterogeneity in the Euro Area Analyzed in a Nonstationary Dynamic Factor Model.” Journal of Applied Econometrics 24(6): 933-959. Doi: Federal Statistical Office. 2008. National Accounts: Quarterly

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Important Structural Linkages in the Process of Income Circulation Defined by SAMs

), Accounting and Fixed-Price Multipliers in a Social Accounting Matrix Framework [in:] G. Pyatt, J.I. Round (eds), Social Accounting Matrices: A basis for Planning, World Bank, Washington DC Round J.I. (2003), Constructing SAMs for Development Policy Analysis: Lessons Learned and Challenges Ahead, ‘Economic System Research’, Vol. 15, No. 2 Stone R., (1985) The Disaggregation of the Household Sector in the National Accounts [w:] G. Pyatt, J.I. Round (eds) Social Accounting Matrices: A basis for Planning, World Bank, Washington DC System of

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Economic Statistics: How to Become Lean and Mean?

Insights , 5 October 2016. Available at: . Piketty, T. 2014. Capital in the Twenty-First Century . Cambridge, Massachusetts, London, England: The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press. United Nations, European Commission, International Monetary Fund, Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, and World Bank 1993. System of National Accounts 1993 . Brussels/Luxembourg, New York, Paris, Washington D.C. United Nations, European Commission, International Monetary Fund

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Is the Top Tail of the Wealth Distribution the Missing Link between the Household Finance and Consumption Survey and National Accounts?

References Alvaredo, F., A. Atkinson, L. Chancel, T. Piketty, E. Saez, and G. Zucman. 2016. “Distributional National Accounts (DINA) guidelines: Concepts and methods used in” WID Working Paper Series , No. 2016/2. Available at: (accessed February 2019). Alvaredo, F., L. Chancel, T. Piketty, E. Saez, and G. Zucman. 2017. “Global inequality dynamics: New findings from” NBER Working Paper , No. 23119. Doi: . Andreasch, M., P. Fessler, and P

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Satellite Account Of Household Production. Methodological Remarks And Results For Poland

, Time use and satellite accounts for modelling the household economy , Paper presented in the IARIW 24th General Conference, Norway. Ironmonger D., 1997, National Accounts of Household Productive Activities , Paper presented in Time-Use Non-Market Work, and Family Well-being, A conference co-sponsored by the Bureau of Labour Statistics and the MacArthur Network on the Family and the Economy, BLS, Washington DC. Kuwahara S., 2010, A note on monetary valuation of unpaid work in Japan , Working Party of National Accounts, 9, http

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Adapting the TSA to Measure Economic Contribution of Tourism in Serbia

). Quantitative tourism industry analysis: Introduction to input-output, social accounting ma-trix modeling, and Tourism Satelitte Accounts. Oxford: Butterworth-Heinemann. United Nations, & World Tourism Organization. (2010). International recommendations for tourism statistics 2008. New York: United Nations. United Nations. (2009). System of National Accounts 2008. New York: United Nations. Retrieved March 13, 2014, from SNA2008.pdf. United Nations. (2011). Tourism Satellite Account: Recom-mended Methodological

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