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The present scientific paper is the fourth part and continuation of the in-depth scientific study of the developed system of engineering economic indicators, where the authors obtain results from the scientific research presented in a series of works on the development of the nanotechnologies and advanced materials industry in science and entrepreneurship in Latvia. Part Four determines the essential legal indicators of the development of nano-field at the macro, micro, and meso development levels of the economic environment in Latvia. The paper provides the interaction of new identified indicators of nano-field in terms of further scientific and practical activities. Latvia is analysed in comparison with other countries in the world.

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] With such a short median survival, it is essential that we uncover novel techniques to treat patients with GBM. Current research shows that the genetic profile of GBM is leading to resistance to TMZ and radiation, but a major battle in the treatment of GBM is drug delivery across the blood–brain barrier (BBB). There is hope for patients with GBM because nanotechnology has been able to demonstrate the ability to cross the BBB. A number of nanomaterials, including liposomes, nanoemulsion, polymeric micelles, and iron oxide nanoparticles (IONP) have been investigated as

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