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Expensive and Cheap Funds – Polish Stock Mutual Fund Fees in 2017

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Socially Responsible Mutual Funds – A Profitable Way of Investing

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Mutual Fund Performance in Slovenia: An Analysis of Mutual Funds with Investment Policies in Europe and the Energy Sector

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Capital markets in Central and Eastern Europe: two selected cases

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Impact of Fund Managers Changes on Polish Equity Funds Performance

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Measurement of the Efficiency of Mutual Funds Operating on the Pan-European Market

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Romania, Slovakia and Hungary: evolution of mutual funds in recent years

References AAF (Fund Managers’ Association from Romania), Retrieved from Alexakis C., Niarchos N., Patra T. & Poshakwale S. (2004) The dynamics between stock returns and mutual fund flows: empirical evidence from the Greek market, International Review of Financial Analysis, 14(5), 559-569. Andrei, A.G., Zaiț, A., Vătămănescu, E.-M., & Pînzaru, F. (2017). Word of mouth generation and brand communication strategy: findings from an experimental study explored with PLS-SEM. Industrial Management & Data

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Arch Effects in Multifactor Market-Timing Models of Polish Mutual Funds

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Herding Behavior of Institutional Investors in Romania. An Empirical Analysis

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Degree of Convergence of the Efficiency of the Polish Equity Investment Funds Obtained with Measures Based on the Sharpe Ratio

R eferences Czekaj, J., Woś, M., Żarnowski, J. (2001). Efektywność giełdowego rynku akcji w Polsce. Warszawa: Wydawnictwo PWN. Dyk van, F., Vuuren, G., Heymans, A. (2014). Hedge Fund Performance Evaluation Using the Sharpe and Omega Ratios. International Business & Economics Research Journal, 13 (3), 485-512. Eling, M. (2008). Does the Measure Matter in the Mutual Fund Industry? Financial Analysts Journal, 64 (3), 54-66. Israelsen, C.L. (2005). A Refinement to the Sharpe Ratio and Information Ratio. Journal of Asset Management, 5 (6

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