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.278 * .010 .65      Hip ROM (°) 69.54 ± 16.9 63.93 ± 12.1 -1.580 .148 .38 Values are mean ± SD, * Denotes significant difference at p < .05; Abbreviation: ROM, range of motion With regard to kinetics ( Table 2 ), a significant increase was observed in the peak vertical GRF and anterior tibial shear force under muscle fatigue condition ( p < .05). However, no significant changes were observed in knee extension moment ( p > .05). The total negative work and energy absorption on the knee joint decreased significantly ( p < .05), but no significant changes were observed in

groups was observed in runners with PFPS in comparison to the controls. Discussion The main purpose of this study was to determine the differences in bioelectric activity of VMO and RF muscles during the half squat position in runners with PFPS in comparison to healthy controls. In this study the PFPS group showed a significantly greater decrease of the median frequency of VMO and RF muscles activity during the sEMG measurement in the half squat position. Muscle activity studied during isometric exercises allows for non-invasive examination of muscle fatigue. Analysis

( Krustrup et al., 2011 ). Moreover, physiological measurements obtained after a game demonstrate a marked decrease in muscle glycogen pools located in subcellular compartments, attenuated Ca2+ ( Krustrup et al., 2011 ) and a rise in systemic markers of muscle damage, inflammation, and oxidative stress ( Mohr et al., 2016 ), all of which have been linked to muscle fatigue ( Bangsbo et al., 2007 ; Magalhaes et al., 2010 ; Mohr et al., 2003 ). Thus, there is solid evidence in the literature that soccer players experience fatigue, muscle damage, and inflammation after a

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