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Tarnapowicz, D. (2014). Identification of power factor in marine electrical grid. GEOCONFERENCE ON ENERGY AND CLEAN TECHNOLOGIES, VOL II, 14th International Multidisciplinary Scientific Geoconference (SGEM) pp 391-398, Albena, BULGARIA, JUN 17-26, 2014. Polski Rejestr Statków, (2016). Przepisy klasyfikacji i budowy statków morskich część VIII. Copyright by Polski Rejestr Statków S.A., Gdańsk. Smierzchalski, R. (2004). Automatyzacja systemu elektroenergetycznego statku. Gdańsk 2004. Tarnapowicz, D.(2010). The conception of the use of multi-level inverters in the shipping

Performance Enhancement of Embedded System Based Multilevel Inverter Using Genetic Algorithm

This paper presents an optimal solution for eliminating pre specified order of harmonics from a stepped waveform of a multilevel inverter topology with equal dc sources. The main challenge of solving the associated non linear equation which are transcendental in nature and therefore have multiple solutions is the convergence of the relevant algorithms and therefore an initial point selected considerably close to the exact solution is required. The paper describes an efficient genetic algorithm that reduces significantly the computational burden resulting in fast convergence. An objective function describing a measure of effectiveness of eliminating selected order of harmonics while controlling the fundamental component is derived. The performance of cascaded multilevel inverter is compared based on computation of switching angle using Genetic Algorithm as well as conventional Newton Raphson approach. A significant improvement in harmonic profile is achieved in the GA based approach. A nine level cascaded multi level inverter is simulated in MATLAB Simulink and a proto type model has been fabricated to validate the simulation results.


A novel single-phase digital control circuit-based five level inverter (FLI) is presented in this paper. Based on the determined switching angle, one switching cycle of the inverter is divided into segments from which the switching sequence of the inverter switches is digitized. A programmed counter built around JK flip flops with logic gates provided the needed switching signals for the H-bridge inverter. Proposed inverter is verified through simulation in a MATLAB/SIMULINK environment and simulation results are given. Simulation results show notable reduction in total harmonic distortion (THD) in the inverter output voltage and load current. With an RL load (of 200 Ω and 0.250H), a single digit THD of 8.5 1% for the inverter load current is realized. Comparison of the novel control circuit-dependent FLI with the conventional and contemporary power-circuit-dependent cascaded H-bridge inverter (CHBI) show that the novel FLI is synthesized with lesser number of power circuit and control circuit components.

Comparison of Multiple Carrier Disposition PWM Techniques Applied for Multi-Level Shunt Active Filter

This work presents the simulation of a shunt active filter using seven-level cascaded inverter. The ultimate objective is to bring out the influence of multiple carrier level shifted PWM techniques on the performance of a shunt active filter. Classical disposition PWM techniques such as PD, POD and APOD have been used to generate the gating signals for the inverter active switches. A comparison is presented to substantiate the effect of these techniques in filtering. The comparison is made from the perspective of reduction in THD of source currents after filtering. For compensation current extraction synchronous detection method has been used. The harmonic reduction is achieved in source currents as well as source voltages.

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