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Effect of the Level of Coordinated Motor Abilities on Performance in Junior Judokas

-359. Drid P, Ostojić S, Maksimović N, Pejčić J, Matić R, Obadov S. The effects of judo training on anthropometric characteristics and motor abilities of primary school boys. Homo Sporticus, 2009; 11: 28-32. Franchini E, Nunes AV, Moraes JM, Del Vecchio FB. Physical fitness and anthropometrical profile of the Brazilian male judo team. J Physiol Anthropol, 2007; 26: 59-67. Hrysomallis C. Balance ability and athletic performance. Sports Med, 2011; 41: 221-32. http

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Selected Coordination Motor Abilities of Students of the University of Physical Education During Survival Training

Physiology 96, 593-599. 12. Juras G., Waśkiewicz Z. (1998). Temporal, spatial, and dynamic aspects of coordination motor abilities. Katowice: AWF Katowice. [in Polish]. 13. Tomczak A., Stupnicki R. (2014). An assessment of four running tests used in military training. Biomedical Human Kinetics 6, 47-50. 14. Klocek T., Spieszny M., Szczepanik M. (2002). Computer tests of coordination abilities. Warszawa: COS. [in Polish] 15. Starosta W. (2015). Kinaesthesia - a new method for improving the high quality of

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Influence of cognitive and motor abilities on the level of current functioning in people with multiple sclerosis

cognitive and motor abilities and the current functioning of our subjects was tested with the Pearson coefficient of linear correlation. The total ARCS, 9HPT and 25FWT scores significantly correlated with all WHODAS 2.0 domains and total score, except for the domain that identifies difficulties in life activities – work/school ( Table 3 ). These correlations range from weak to moderate, indicating that the level of achievement in WHODAS 2.0 scales is negatively correlated with ARCS score and positively correlated with the motor abilities of upper and lower extremities

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Factors Determining Success in Youth Judokas

Model A in the present study, high-quality young judokas were tested. A relatively high number of tests for evaluation of various motor abilities, frequently used in scientific research, were also used in current research. In Model B, top judo experts were surveyed with a short, precise, and user-friendly questionnaire. Given that both of these models are used to determine factors for success in sports in general, as well as in judo, the research hypothesis was that the results, regardless of the applied model, would be similar. However, from the available data, not a

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A systematic review of the main factors that determine agility in sport using structural equation modeling

Introduction Testing of motor abilities is crucial for monitoring of sport training and talent identification. While the tests of basic motor abilities such as speed, maximum strength or endurance are well recognized, testing of complex motor abilities such as agility remains unresolved in the current literature. The term agility itself has undergone changes, resulting in the current definition: “the ability to change speed and direction of a movement rapidly and accurately” ( Jeffreys, 2011 ; Sheppard et al., 2014 ), usually in response to a highly

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Visual Perception And Its Effect On Reaction Time And Time-Movement Anticipation In Elite Female Basketball Players

Novice Soccer Referees. Journal of Human Kinetics 22, 15-20. DOI: 10.2478/v10078-009-0018-1. 8. Raczek J., Mynarski W. (2012). Coordination motor abilities of children and young people: internal structure and variability . Katowice: AWF Katowice. [in Polish] 9. Starosta W. (2003). Motor coordination capacity (meaning, structure, conditions, developing) . Warszawa: Międzynarodowe Stowarzyszenie Motoryki Sportowej. [in Polish] 10. Raczek J., Mynarski W., Lyakh V. (1998). Theoretical - empirical basis for shaping and diagnosis of coordination motor

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Development of Coordination Motor Abilities (CMA) in the System of Long-Term Preparation of Athletes

Development and Motor Performance. Prešov: University of Prešov. [in Slovak] Witkowski, Z. (2003). Coordination motor abilities of young football players: diagnostics, structure, development. Doctoral thesis, Moskwa. [in Russian] Ljach, W. (1990). Development of coordination motor abilities of children. Doctoral thesis, Moskwa. [in Russian] Ljach, W. & Sadowski J. (1999). About conceptions, problems, position and main principles of coordination training in sport. Teorija i praktika

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Reliability and Accuracy of Batak Lite Tests Used for Assessing Coordination Motor Abilities in Wrestlers

References 1. Hirtz P. (1985). Coordination abilities in sport school. Volk und Wissen. Berlin: Volks-seigener Verlag. [in German] 2. Kühn J. (1985). Research on improving the technical coordination of young wrestlers fight. Theorie und Praxis der Kör-perkultur 11, 848-854. [in German] 3. Starosta W., Tracewski J. (2000). Objective method of assessing the level of motor abilities in advanced wrestlers. Trening 1, 126-136. [in Polish] 4. Šulika Û.A. et al. (2004). Greco-Roman wrestling. Manual for 5. physical education and Olimpic sports

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Structure of Coordination Motor Abilities in Male Basketball Players at Different Levels of Competition

Kultury 5, 51-53. [in Russian] 5. Zając A., Mikołajec K., Kubaszczyk A. (1993). Development of coordination abilities in the process of fitness preparation of a basketball player. Scientific annual AWF in Katowice 21, 135-147. [in Polish]. 6. Zwierko T., Lesiakowski P., Florkiewicz B. (2005). Selected aspects of motor coordination in young basketball players. Human Movement Science 6, 124-128. 7. Sadowski J., Jaślikowska-Sadowska T., Wołosz P., Zieliński J. (2003). Coordination motor abilities and technical skills of young basketball players. In W. Starosta

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Importance of Urban Factor and Selected Socio-Economic Variables in the Differentiation of Coordination Motor Abilities Level (CMA)

References Raczek, J., Mynarski W. & Ljach W. (2003). Shaping and diagnosis of coordination motor abilities. Handbook for teachers, trainers and students. Katowice: AWF Katowice. [in Polish] Starosta, W. (2003). Motor Coordination Abilities. Warszawa: Instytut Sporu. [in Polish] Starosta, W. (2006). Global and Local Motor Coordination in Physical Education and Sport. Gorzów Wielkopolski: Zamiejscowy Wydział Kultury Fizycznej poznańskiej AWF w Gorzowi Wielkopolskim. [in Polish

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