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Motivation and motivational climate among elite hammer throwers

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Segmenting Art Festival Visitors by Motivations

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Analysis of Terrorism Motivation Determinants

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External and internal sport motivations of young adults

References Ames C., J. Archer (1988) Achievement goals in the classroom: students' learninig stategies and motivation. J. Psychol. 80:260-267. Deci E. L., R. M. Ryan (1985) Intrinsic Motivation and Self-determination in Human Behavior. Plenum, New York. Featherstone M. (1991) The body in consumer culture. In: M. Featherstone, M. Hepworth, B. S. Turner (eds.) The Body. Social Process and Cultural Theory. Sage, London, pp. 170-197. Huang C. R., H. Y. Kuo

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A Comparison of Physical Education Students’ Motivation Using Polish and Turkish Versions of the Academic Motivation Scale

Introduction Motivation is the driving force behind undertaking any actions. Intrinsic motivation might be the key to accomplishing goals in the area of education, especially in physical education, which merges intellectual and physical development. Supporting, inspiring and initiating intrinsic motivation are the desirable tasks of physical educators, like PE teachers, coaches, personal trainers etc., considering all levels and aspects of physical education. Physical education teachers can influence students’ self-determination, and ipso facto enhance or

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Perspectives On Using Theory Porter-Lawler Student Motivation Military

References [1] Andrei Zegoicea, Elitsa Petrova, Comparative case study regarding cadet’s motivation-methodology, Revista Academiei Forțelor Terestre Sibiu, ISSN 2247-840X, ISSN-L 1584-6384, nr. 3(71) 2013, p. 301 [2] Ovidiu Nicolescu, Ion Verboncu, Management , ediţia a-III-a revizuită, Editura Economică, Bucureşti, 1999, pp. 472-473 [3] Andrei Zegoicea, Elitsa Petrova, Comparative case study regarding cadet’s motivation-methodology, Revista Academiei Forțelor Terestre Sibiu, ISSN 2247-840X, ISSN-L 1584-6384, nr. 3(71) 2013, p. 303 [4

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Performance Motivation of Elite Athletes, Recreational Athletes and Non-Athletes

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The extent of managers’ motivation as a determinant of leadership quality

). Znaczenie sprawiedliwości w zarządzaniu ludźmi. Dlaczego warto być sprawiedliwym [The Role of Justice in HRM. Why it’s Worth to be Just]. Warszawa, Poland: Difin. Campellone, T. R., & Kring, A. M. (2013). What do you trust? The impact of facial emotion and behaviour on decision making. Cognition and Emotion, 27(4), 603-620. Celmer, B. (2013). Dewiacja i anomia w ujęciu systemowym [The System of Deviation and Anomy]. Kultura i Społeczeństwo, 2, 133-154. Cerasoli, Ch. P., & Ford, M. T. (2014). Intrinsic Motivation, Performance

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Motivation for Education and Learners' Satisfaction with The Choice of Military Specialisation or Civilian Specialty

Military University, Bulgaria, VelikoTarnovo, 2015, ISBN 978-954-753-120-8. [6] Petrova, E., Management in a Changing World, Publishing complex of National Military University, Bulgaria, VelikoTarnovo, 2012, ISBN 978-954-753-093-5. [7] Petrova, E., Methodology on Study of Motivation for Education based on Opinions’ Research of Cadets fromVasilLevski National Military University, Bulgaria, Socioeconomic Analysis Scientific Journal,Department of Economics, St. St. Cyril and Methodius University, Bulgaria, 2015Book 2/ Volume8/ISSN: 2367

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Performance Motivation of Bratislava University Students

References 1. ABRAMENKOVÁ, V. et al., 1987. Stručný psychologický slovník . Bratislava: Pravda. SPS 075-036-87. 2. ALI, J., 2010. A study of achievement motivation in relation to performance of badminton players. In: Vyayam-Vidnyan. 43 (3), 41-44. 3. BEDRNOVÁ, E., I. NOVÝ et al., 2007. Psychologie a sociologie řízení . Praha: Management press. ISBN 8072610643. 4. CASTILLO, I., J. DUDA, I. BALAGUER & I. TOMAS, 2009. Cross-domain generality of achievement motivation across sport and the classroom: the case of Spanish adolescents. In

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