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Cinnamyl-Imine-Chitosan Hydrogels. Morphology Control

References 1. Pella, M.C.G.; Lima-Tenorio, M.K.; Tenorio-Neto, E.T.; Guilherme, M.R.; Muniz, E.C.; Rubira, A.F. Chitosan-based hydrogels: From preparation to biomedical applications. Carbohydr. Polym. 2018 , 196 , 233-245. 2. Bugnicourt, L.; Peers, S.; Dalverny, C.; Ladavière, C. Tunable morphology of lipid/chitosan particle assemblies. J. Colloid Interface Sci. 2019 , 534 , 105-109. 3. Chabbi, J.; Jennah, O.; Katir, N.; Lahcini, M.; Bousmina, M.; El Kadib, A. Aldehyde-functionalized chitosan-montmorillonite films as dynamically

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Cranial morphology of European passerine bird families (Aves, Passeriformes)

References Bacher, A. 1967. Vergleichend morphologische Untersuchungen an Einzelknochen des postcranialen Skeletts in Mitteleuropa vorkommender Schwäne und Gänse [Comparative morphological examinations of the individual bones of postcranial skeletons of swans and geese in Central Europe]. – Inaug.- Diss. Tierärtztl. Univ., München (in German) Baumel, J. J., King, A. S., Lucas, A. M., Breazile, J. E. & Evans, H. E. 1979. Nomina anatomica avium. An annotated anatomical dictionary of birds. – Academical Press, London Barbosa, A. 1991. European

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Morphological Errors Made By Jordanian University Students

References: Aknade, A.T. 2000. “Acquisition of the Inflectional Morphemes by Nigerian Learners of English Language”. Nordic Journal of African Studies , 3 : 310–326. Aknade, A.T 2001. “Learners Competence Versus Morphological Appropriateness in the Acquisition of English”. IFE Studies in English Language , 5: 36–45. Archibald, J. 1996. “Second Language Acquisition”. In O' Grady, W., Dobrevolsky, M. and Katamba, F. (Eds), Contemporary Linguistics : An Introduction , Person Education Limited, 503–539. Aremo, B. 2005. “Nouns Illustrating

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Conzenian Tradition in Polish Urban Historical Morphology

średniowiecznego w planie współczesnej Łodzi’, Przegląd Geograficzny, 48 (4), pp. 667-687. Koter , M. (1979), ‘Struktura morfogenetyczna wielkiego miasta na przykładzie Łodzi’, Acta Universitatis Lodziensis, Nauki Matematyczno-Przyrodnicze, Seria 2, 21, pp. 25-52. Koter , M. (1984), ‘Rozwój układu miejskiego Łodzi wczesnoprzemysłowej’, [in:] Myśl urbanistyczna a rozwój przestrzenny Łodzi, Miscellanea Łódzkie, 1, pp. 54-81. Koter , M. (1990), ‘The Morphological Evolution of a Nineteenth-century City Centre: Łódź, Poland, 1825-1973’, [in:] Slater

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Golden Rule of Morphology and Variants of Word forms

References [1] Czech National Corpus: Accessible at: . [2] British National Corpus. Accessible at: . [3] Hajič, J. (2004). Disambiguation of Rich Inflection . (Computational Morphology of Czech). Karolinum, Praha. [4] Brno morphological analyzer ajka. Accessible at: . [5] Savický, P. and Hlaváčová, J. (2002). Measures of Word Commonness. Journal of Quantitative Linguistics , 9(3):215–231. [6] Hlaváčová, J. (2011). Problém

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Ejaculate traits and sperm morphology depending on ejaculate volume in Duroc boars

and its functional significance in relation with the motility parameters in fresh semen. Theriogenology 2009, 71, 254–263. 5. Górski K., Kondracki S., Wysokińska A., Nazaruk A.: The importance of ejaculate volume for the physical parameters of ejaculates and sperm morphology of Hypor boars. Kafkas Univ Vet Fak Derg 2016, 22, 493–501. 6. Helfenstein F., Podevin M., Richner H.: Sperm morphology, swimming velocity, and longevity in the house sparrow Passer domesticus . Behav Ecol Sociobiol 2010, 64, 557–565. 7. Hirai M., Boersma A., Hoeflich A., Wolf

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Relationship of arctic fox (Alopex lagopus L.) sperm morphology with age of males, sperm concentration, ejaculate volume and acrosin activity

). Morphological evaluation of spermatozoa defects in the bull. II. Proposal of a new classification of spermatozoa defects (in Polish). Med. Weter., 37: 239-242. Boersma A.A., Braun J., Stolla R. (1999). Influence of random factors and two different staining procedures on computer-assisted sperm head morphometry in bulls. Reprod. Domest. Anim., 34: 77-82. Bonet S. (1990). Immature and aberrant spermatozoa in the ejaculate of Sus domesticus. Anim. Reprod. Sci., 22: 67-80. Brodzki P., Wrona Z., Klimont M., Krakowski L. (2015

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Re-Evaluation of Morphological Characters Questions Current Views of Pinniped Origins

. Enaliarctos Mealsi. Science, 244, 60-62. Berta, A., Ray, C. E. 1990. Skeletal morphology and locomotor capabilities of the archaic Pinniped Enaliarctos mealsi. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, 10, 141-157. Berta, A., Wyss, A. R. 1990. Technical comments. Oldest pinniped. Science, 48, 499-500. Berta, A., Wyss, A. R. 1994. Pinniped Phylogeny. In: Berta, A., Deméré, T. A., eds. Contributions in Marine Mammal Paleontology Honoring Frank C. Whitmore, Jr. Proceedings of the San Diego Society of Natural History, 29, 33

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Morphological variability of the Bulgarian endemic Betonica bulgarica Degen et Neič. (Lamiaceae) from Sinite Kamani Natural Park, Eastern Balkan Range

References Abu-Assab, M. S., Cantino, P. D., 1994: Systematic implications of pollen morphology in subfamilies Lamioideae and Pogostemonoideae (Labiatae). Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden 81, 653-686. Anchev, M., 2011: General characteristics of Bulgarian flora and floristic regions in Bulgaria. In: Peev, D. (ed.), Red data book of the Republik of Bulgaria. Retrieved from Anonymous, 2002: Biological diversity act. Darzhaven Vestnik no. 77 from 9 August 2002

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Differentiation of root canal morphology – a review of the literature

References Abu-Amero KK, González AM, Larruga JM, Bosley TM, Cabrera VM. 2007. Eurasian and African mitochondrial DNA influences in the Saudi Arabian population. BMC Evol Biol 7: 32. Ahmed HA, Abu-bakr NH, Yahia NA, Ibrahim YE. 2007. Root and canal morphology of permanent mandibular molars in a Sudanese population. Int Endod J 40:766-771. Al-Fouzan KS. 2002. C-shaped root canals in mandibular second molars in a Saudi Arabian population. Int Endod J 35:499-504. Al-Nazhan S. 1999. Incidence of four

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